The main characters of an unlimited number of various jokes. Blond girls who are envied by the female half of the world's population, and from whom most of the men go crazy. Finally, at least in some countries, they were recognized at their true worth and got their own holiday. Estet-portal found out who had the idea to make the last day of spring a red day of the calendar, designating it as "World Blonde Day". It was first celebrated by blond beasts on May 31, 2006.

World Blonde Day

The bright date of the last day of spring — May 31 — in some countries it is declared "World Blonde Day".  For the first time in Russia this holiday was celebrated in 2006 — blondes created the Diamond Hairpin award in honor of themselves. The first special award was presented to the most talented, smart, successful, fashionable and feminine blondes in Russia.

In the Republic of Belarus and Latvia, the “Parade of Blondes” is held, and in Belarus, the election of the “Best Blonde of Belarus” is also held.  In 2009 in Riga under the slogan "let's make the world brighter" there was a parade of blondes organized by the Latvian Association of Blondes — GO BLONDE against the economic crisis. The International Association of Blondes, of which Latvia is also a member, has submitted an application to UNESCO with a request to recognize May 31 as the official World Blonde Day.

Despite the lack of approval from other states, May 31 is still referred to as "World Blonde Day" in some countries.  In 2012, the organizers refused to hold a parade of blondes in Riga. Marika Gederte, head of the Latvian Association of Blondes Go Blonde, said the parade will not take place due to financial difficulties. According to her, the girls realized that the energy and nerves spent on organizing the festival were wasted. In addition, the Latvian society is negatively disposed towards the event.

Interesting facts about blondes and blondes

Scientists believe that a real blonde is a very rare phenomenon. According to their calculations, real blondes will disappear from the face of the Earth by 2202. Over the past 50 years, the number of fair-haired men and women has increased from 49 to 14% (of the total number of inhabitants of the planet).  There are several reasons for this phenomenon: & nbsp; for a child to be blond, both parents must be blond. And in countries where the dark-haired population predominates, more children are born than in countries whose representatives are carriers of the "blond gene" (Scandinavians, Germans, Russians).  According to scientists, the last blond child will be born in Finland, which has the largest number of blond people per capita.

Estet-portal sincerely hopes that real blondes will never disappear from our planet, despite the more confident scientists. Perhaps by the set date of 2202, scientists will be able to find a way to avoid the complete disappearance of blondes. Although, we will not know about it.

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