Анна Хорина: подтяжка груди для женщины - это возможность вернуть уверенность в себе

Many women are naturally given beautiful breasts, however, time and gravity are relentless. With age, the mammary glands prolapse, as a result of which a woman loses self-confidence. Plastic surgery can help with this problem. Anna Khorina, a plastic surgeon of the Nove Tilo clinic, a doctor of the highest category, a full member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons (UAPRES), spoke about the indications for a mastopexy or breast lift, as well as the operation technique especially for estet-portal.com.

Why is breast prolapse most common?

The main reasons – this is weight loss, especially sharp, loss of shape and elasticity in the postpartum period and after breastfeeding, as well as age-related changes. The breast is under the influence of gravity and undergoes ptosis.

Anatomically, breast prolapse is facilitated by a softer and less elastic ligamentous apparatus of the mammary gland itself.

Breast ptosis is also affected by the ratio between glandular and adipose tissue. The glandular tissue of the breast is more mobile because it is constantly exposed to hormones. Over time, due to "biological uselessness" its atrophy occurs – it becomes softer and less elastic. Adipose tissue is more stable in this regard. If a woman's breasts are predominantly adipose tissue – then it is less likely to change its shape and elasticity. However, no matter what the causes of breast prolapse, the specialists of the Nove Tilo Clinic will always be able to restore her lost shape.

Is it possible to reduce breast ptosis by pumping up the pectoral muscles?

The task is feasible, however, it should be understood that the possibilities of such training are not unlimited.  Of course, even if you take the average sports activities aimed at working with the pectoral muscle, the effect will be.  The woman will feel that the bust has become more elastic and even slightly increased in size. However, if the chest was already "empty" before the start of sports, and sagging – an increase in muscle volume will not give the desired effect. If the breast itself was small and elastic, not sagging – then an increase in the muscle base will give a good result.

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What are the types of breast lift?

Breast lift can be divided, firstly, according to the volume of the lift: breast lifting due to its own tissues and lifting with the removal of excess tissue.  Secondly, a breast lift differs in the type of access (incision). One of the most minimally invasive is the donut ("doughnut") technique or paraareolar lift – it is suitable for patients with minimal breast ptosis. The second technique is called lollipop ("lollipop"), when a circular incision around the nipple is joined by a vertical incision. Then everything goes on increasing, and the third technique is called "anchor", when the incision is made in the form of a keyhole, and the resulting scar looks like an anchor. Usually, many women at first refuse this operation, explaining their fear with a long scar. This is fundamentally the wrong approach - yes,

How is a breast lift, implantation and lipofilling combined?

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These are combined procedures, however, it should be assumed that – whether the patient needs it.

If a breast lift is sufficient – we stop only on it when volume correction is needed - you can supplement the lift with the installation of a breast implant or lipofilling.
These techniques can really only complement each other, but we at the

Nove Tilo Clinic always evaluate how much a particular procedure is necessary for a particular patient. Sometimes these stages are divided by time - first a breast lift is performed, and then – if necessary after a couple of months, for example, lipofilling.

What is the result in terms of psycho-emotional sensations do the patients get?

Awesome! Such a woman, if you look closely, is always seen among several people sitting in the hall. Usually, and this is true, a woman's self-esteem increases. The patient becomes much calmer, since she can already transfer her attention from her ugly, in her opinion, breasts, which completely occupied all her thoughts, to simply ordinary life issues. And this is really wonderful, because with the help of plastic surgery we have the opportunity to remove an aesthetic flaw and make a person more self-confident and happier.

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