The problem of split ends requires a comprehensive solution, including correction of the diet and intensive competent care. 

Split ends are called so because of the split ends. Most often, hairs longer than 30 cm are stratified at the ends: the hair cuticle is destroyed, the hair scales do not adhere to the trunk, the hair easily breaks and gets confused. As a rule, the ends of the hair are split along the length of 2-3 cm, however, the hair can be damaged completely.

Why does my hair split?

A hot solution to the problem of split ends. Hairdressers advise cutting split ends with hot scissors. The heating temperature of the scissors varies depending on the thickness of the hair: for thin – 110°C, for normal – 130°C, for thick – 150°C. Dyed hair is cut with less heated scissors. Under the influence of high temperature, the cut of the hair turns out to be rounded, and not flat, as in the traditional method of cutting, which prevents further splitting of the hair. Haircuts made with hot scissors look more voluminous and beautiful.

Rational nutrition 

Split ends need a lot of moisture, especially during the colder months and prolonged exposure to dry air. Try to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day, this is necessary for normal hair hydration. 

An important role in strengthening split ends is played by vitamins A, B, as well as fatty acids contained in pumpkin seeds, cereals, nuts, olives and oily fish (salmon, sardine, tuna). Damaged hair needs iron to restore, which is rich in beans, buckwheat, meat, egg yolk. But the consumption of spicy, fatty and starchy foods is better to limit.

Proper care 

For split ends, wash your hair once every 5-7 days. Before washing, apply a mask of olive, almond or castor oil to the scalp, put on a plastic cap and wrap your head with a terry towel for 1 hour. The hair will be in a kind of sauna, while the nutrients will penetrate into the roots and core of the hairs, bringing moisture and beneficial trace elements with them. Perform this procedure before each shampooing for 1.5-2 months. Then take a break for the same amount of time.

Use shampoos from the series for split ends, use a conditioner balm that envelops each hair with a protective film. Head massage improves blood circulation, stimulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands and helps to strengthen the hair along its entire length. 

Quality brushing

Horn or wooden combs are considered the best for hair, but over time, they may develop hooks and cracks that injure the hair. Plastic combs do not damage the hair, but electrify it. Metal combs are too stiff and get hot when using a hair dryer. Pay attention to the teeth of the combs: they should be well polished and have rounded ends. 

Comb your hair slowly to evenly distribute the secretion of the sebaceous glands along their entire length. To help this process, follow the comb through the hair with a clean palm. Do not comb wet hair to avoid damaging it.

How to prevent split ends

  • For hair coloring, choose dyes that contain substances that nourish and strengthen the hair.
  • While modeling your hair, turn on the hair dryer in the cooling mode. 
  • Choose curling irons with gentle ceramic surfaces. 
  • Do not neglect hats in hot and frosty seasons.  
  • See your dermatologist if your hair splits despite prevention. Perhaps the cause is a fungal disease of the scalp. 


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