Заячья губа – причины, симптомы и лечение расщелины губы

Cheiloschisis, which is popularly called cleft lip, can be safely called the most common pathology, which is essentially a cleft lip.

The correction of such a defect is carried out through surgical intervention, the purpose of which is to prevent problems with the dentoalveolar system.

Today, Estet-portal will tell you in detail about the causes of such a defect, its symptoms and, accordingly, treatment.

What are the symptoms of cleft lip

Cleft lip – This is a defect that is formed in a child in the womb and is a cleft lip. The psychological and physical condition of the child does not suffer from this.

Plastic surgeons claim that cleft lip – this is just a cosmetic defect that can be easily corrected with plastic surgery. At the same time, you can’t leave everything as it is, because it can cause problems with the dental system.

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Since the cleft lip – this is a congenital defect, it can be seen immediately after the birth of the child. The symptoms of this defect are quite simple and appear only visually. So, it is a furrow that divides the upper lip in the center to the very nose. The nasal cavity, teeth and jaw process can most often be seen through the rupture site.

What are the causes of cleft lip

Cleft lip – one of the most common birth defects. Among the reasons for its development are:

  • Transmission of an infectious disease by a future mother in the first trimester of pregnancy. These diseases include toxoplasmosis, rubella, herpes and cytomegalovirus.
  • Complications throughout pregnancy.
  • Chronic diseases in the expectant mother.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Environmentally unfavorable living and working conditions for a pregnant woman.
  • Heredity.
  • Late pregnancy (after 35 years).
  • Maternal smoking during and before pregnancy. So the percentage of possible appearance of a cleft lip in a child directly depends on the number of cigarettes that a woman smokes per day.

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Diagnosis and subsequent treatment of cleft lip

As we have already said, the cleft lip is visible immediately after the birth of the baby, but it can still be diagnosed in the fetus at about 16-20 weeks of pregnancy using ultrasound.

Of course, this does not give anything but the moral preparation of parents. But the treatment of cleft lip is only one – Plastic surgery. It is usually carried out in several stages, which are determined by the doctor after examining the child. It is best to correct this defect at an early age, as delaying treatment may affect the development of the child.

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In addition to the immediate operation, consultation with other specialists is often prescribed, such as an audiologist, a phoniatrist, an orthodontist. After all, children with cleft lip may have concomitant disorders that will need to be treated additionally.

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What is important to know about cleft lip

  1. Cleft lip – a congenital cosmetic defect that is not expressed in physical or mental abnormalities.
  2. Children with cleft lip are more likely to be born to women who smoke.
  3. For every 2.5 thousand children, one is born with a cleft lip.
  4. Plastic surgery to correct this defect should be performed before the age of 6 years. This is best done at two to three months of age.

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