It would seem, what can the shape of the nose tell about? However, she is able to tell a lot about the nature of the individual and her abilities. So claims, based on his research, a scientist from Israel Abraham Tamir. shares the results of his scientific work with its readers. 

What are the noses: basic shapes

Straight nose

This nose shape is very common in Asia. It is almost perfectly straight and somewhat flat. The tip of such a nose is rounded, and the nostrils are quite wide. Owners of a straight nose are endowed with a steel character. At the same time, such people are incredibly temperamental and sensual.

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Be aware that due to the explosive nature of the anger in a straight-nosed person is easy to cause.

Crooked nose

The definition is certainly not the most flattering. Unlike the character of people whom nature has endowed with a part of the face of a similar shape. They are very loving and compassionate. The back of a crooked nose is curved, and the tip is rounded. Also a feature of the character of the "crooked" is the maximum focus on what they are doing. These people also know how to listen, they are wonderful friends and companions.

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Crochet nose

It is worth noting that for many, the hooked nose resembles a bird's beak. However, one should not confuse the crochet nose with the previous nose shape. Moreover, the characters of people with a crooked and hooked nose differ.

The nature of individuals with a hooked nose is such that they are always ready to improve themselves and everything around, to create something new and non-standard. These are a kind of ascetics, they zealously stand up for their own principles, and they cannot be stopped by the risk of losing everything: achieving their goals is much more important for them.

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Concave nose

This shape of the nose – with a small tubercle on it – is not so common, and therefore it can be somewhat difficult to immediately distinguish it from others. People with a similar nose are very generous and are distinguished by their willingness to solve other people's problems. These are very sensitive, and therefore easily touchy individuals.

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Greek nose

Surely everyone is familiar with the concept of "Greek profile". And creates his nose with the same name. The nose of the "Greek" characterized by narrowness, straightness and outstanding length.

The name of this shape of the nose was obtained as a result of observations of the sculptures of the ancient world. Those who have a similar nose shape do not really like to be objects of attention, most often they are pragmatic. Don't like the "Greeks" and talk about their feelings, so they come across as uncommunicative people.

At the same time, such individuals are distinguished by loyalty to their loved ones. Three-point non-surgical rhinoplasty: technique and results.

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Nose button

This is a small but graceful part of the face. This form is very common.

Injection rhinoplasty: rules to follow!

The owners of the nose "buttons" impulsive in making decisions, which is often not liked by others.

Such people have a strong-willed character, and they are used to backing up their words with deeds. Almost always they get what they want. 

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Nubian nose

The distinguishing feature of such a nose is its length. Its back is almost straight, and the tip "looks" way down. "Nubians" often great optimists, but you can't deny them curiosity either.

Rhinoplasty - changing lives.

They are always ready to help those in need and try to create the most comfortable conditions for others. Such people almost immediately endear themselves, evoke sympathy, and any problems that arise are "beware" of it. their determination and perseverance.

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Arched nose

Such a nose is similar to a hooked nose, but the only difference from the second – in a more pronounced sharpness of the tip. People who have such a part of the face – great organisers. They are distinguished by responsibility, honesty in the work they serve, and always achieve their goals.

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Thanks to our information, now, having looked at a person’s face and assessing what shape of nose is given to him by nature, you can in absentia, without even exchanging a few words, find out the character of this person.

Non-surgical filler plastic surgery is possible.

Such express information is often very useful.


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