The massage procedure is a great opportunity to relax and gain strength for new achievements, because at such moments you can forget about everything, plunging headlong into only pleasant sensations. Today there are a lot of different types of massage, thanks to which the client can choose the one that best suits him, depending on the expected effect. If you are bored with a regular massage and your soul is drawn to something more exotic and exciting, perhaps you should pay attention to the procedures presented in the article.

Snake massage

The massage procedure is as follows: non-venomous snakes of different sizes are placed on the human body, curled up into one ball. Then it's all up to them. Reptiles are trying to get out and crawl. In general, this is the whole massage. The natural movements of snakes gliding over the skin have a positive effect on human well-being. Thus, larger and correspondingly heavier snakes act on the muscles and knead them. But smaller ones with their movements produce a calming effect. During snake massage you will enter a state of relaxation, and after that you will feel a real burst of energy. The main thing during such an exotic massage is to absolutely relax and distract from all problems, discarding negative thoughts and emotions. Only in this case will the effect be complete.

Snail massage

For those who are afraid of snakes, there is a less stressful alternative - massage with snails. The whole point of this procedure is that snails are planted on the décolleté, neck and face of a person, and they crawl over these areas for five minutes . On this, in principle, the massage procedure ends, but it is followed by an equally pleasant part - rejuvenating. The thing is that snails secrete a special secret that promotes rejuvenation and regeneration of skin cells. Therefore, after the snails are removed, you remain with this substance on your face for another 15 minutes. Cosmetologists say that the visible result from such an exotic massage will appear after the first procedure.

Massage with knives

This massage is ideal for lovers of extreme experiences. The technology of massage with knives is similar to acupuncture. The procedure is performed by a specially trained massage therapist, who uses sharp knives to act on the acupuncture points of your body. In the hands of a specialist armed with knives, you will not be hurt or unpleasant, and relaxation and rejuvenation are guaranteed. But remember that only a person who has completed a special training course and has the appropriate certificate has the right to carry out such a massage procedure. Therefore, before agreeing to a massage with knives, ask the master for a certificate.

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