The cherished desire of many — eat for fun and at the same time lose weight — is not at all contradictory. To do this, it is enough to arm yourself with a proverb familiar from childhood, which says that it is best to eat breakfast yourself, lunch — share with a friend, and even give dinner to the enemy.


How fair it is, testify to the weight loss stories of "star" patients of the author of the healthy nutrition program, Ph.D. etc. Margarita QUEEN.

Fractional nutrition at the same time is necessary for the body

— Margarita Vasilievna, what kind of food is the most useful?

— Fractional. This is how it has historically developed in our land. Suffice it to recall how the Slavs ate: at seven in the morning they had a so-called interception, at 11 o'clock — afternoon tea, at three o'clock in the afternoon lunch came, at five or six o'clock in the evening the hostess called everyone for dinner, at eight or nine o'clock in the evening she prepared dinner, and at eleven — for dinner.

Fractional meals at about the same hours are really necessary for the body. Therefore, in the besieged Leningrad, it was mainly those who were able to divide the crumbs of food at least twice that survived.

After all the wars and social upheavals, three meals a day was considered right. Today this is not enough. With a modern lifestyle, the calories received from three meals a day are simply not enough to make it from breakfast to lunch, and from lunch — for dinner. It is not surprising that many people love to snack on fast-digesting carbohydrates in the form of buns during the day, pouring coffee on top without interrupting the work process. The outcome of such a diet is sadly predictable. You have to pay for his disorganization with hypertension, fatigue and, of course, being overweight. That's why to keep in shape and performance, you need to eat little, but often, alternating the main light meals with nutritious snacks. So the key to success lies in increasing the number of meals to five–

Benefits of fractional meals

• It affects the level of hormones that speed up the metabolism, thereby strengthening the immune system and preventing the development of chronic diseases.

• Helps to fight excess weight, preventing the rapid aging of the body.
• Regulates the work of the digestive organs, preventing the exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Don't want to gain weight? Be sure to have breakfast

— Some prefer not to have breakfast…

— In vain! Well-known scientists Bellov and Breslov rank breakfast among the most important of the seven pledges of longevity. The fact is that the most intensive metabolism occurs in the morning, between 6 am and noon. Then it slowly goes down and by the evening it is only a third of the initial level. And this means that evening meals will invariably lead to body fat. Also in favor of breakfast is the fact that during it leptin is produced, a hormone that allows you to avoid a sharp level of glucose in the blood, that is, uncontrolled eating attacks.

— When should I start my morning meal?

— The first hour after you get out of bed. At this time, the body needs to start the “internal clock”, and for this it needs additional energy in the form of breakfast. If he does not receive it, he will experience real stress, which will lead to a decrease in metabolism. If it gets too late, it will become very economical to spend the calories received, putting them in reserve, "for a rainy day", which will lead to unwanted weight gain. So those who deny themselves breakfast, thereby programming themselves for extra pounds, even if they eat only the right foods. And what is especially sad — contribute to the violation of the natural nature of the course of metabolic processes. That is why it is so important to restore the energy balance in the morning.

— And as a "fuel" choose porridge?

— Yes, they are rich in all kinds of vitamins and the energy contained in carbohydrates, which is so necessary at the beginning of a new day.

• A portion of porridge should not be large and be 100 & mdash; 150 gr.

• Instead of sugar, it is better to add honey, berries, pieces of fruit to porridge.

However, this does not mean at all that breakfast should be only porridge. You can prepare the so-called English breakfast, which traditionally consists not of "oatmeal, sir" at all, but of scrambled eggs. Eggs are one of the healthiest foods because of their fat and protein content. And thanks to the lecithin and choline present in them, fats and excess cholesterol are excreted from the body.

A balanced diet helps to strengthen the body

— For many lunch — just an annoying hindrance, distracting from work affairs…

— Indeed, office workers sometimes cannot take a break for 15-20 minutes, so dinner becomes their main meal. And such a habit — the shortest road to excess weight and chronic diseases.

Dinner requires the most serious attitude. By this time, the stomach has already freed itself from breakfast and is ready to accept heavier food. First of all, fats and proteins, which are the main building material for the body. However, we must not forget about carbohydrates, which charge us with energy. Only you need to look for it not in sweets, but in those complex carbohydrates that vegetables and grains contain. So salad for dinner — not a tribute to tradition, but a necessity. Main — keep portions in moderation. Indeed, when overeating (and it occurs when the body receives more than 800 calories per meal), the blood flow to ensure the digestion process increases in the stomach and intestines. But the brain begins to be supplied with blood more economically. Such an imbalance can lead to a deterioration in the general condition.

A balanced diet not only allows us to get everything we need for the body, but also supplies the brain with serotonin and dopamine necessary for its full-fledged activity. Serotonin, which has a calming effect, is formed from carbohydrates, and stimulating dopamine — from proteins. Therefore, the correct balance of these substances allows you to focus on solving tasks for the second half of the day and be efficient until the end of working hours. When compiling your menu, keep in mind that the first, second breakfast and lunch should account for up to 70% of the daily calorie intake. But an excess of evening food against the background of a decrease in the metabolic activity of the body can be deposited in the waist area.

Food for the mind

• Eat lean meats two to five times a week. Do not forget about sea fish, as well as fish from the northern seas, rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. They — excellent sources of healthy proteins.

• Use vegetables and fresh salads as a side dish. Proteins and carbohydrates, complementing each other, thereby accelerate metabolic processes in the body.
• The diet must contain products of animal and vegetable origin, since all the necessary energy cells take from proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

— How to snack properly?

— The first time you can eat around noon, the second — between lunch and dinner. Best — fruits. You can drink a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt.

— What about those to whom raw foods are contraindicated?

— You can steam a tender omelette or a warm salad. A snack should not be light, low-calorie, but satisfying.

A light dinner for those who take care of themselves

— Should dinner be given to the enemy?

— You shouldn't give it up completely. The same mechanism works here as in the absence of breakfast, when the body begins to hide incoming calories in reserve. He does not know when you decide to give him food again. So it accumulates in the form of fat pads. And it turns out that by denying yourself dinner, you thereby not only do not lose weight, but also… get better. So don't skip your evening meal. But to make it easy — the first priority of those who take care of themselves.

— What should ideally be dinner?

— For its preparation, it is better to choose foods that, by the time you fall asleep, will pass from the stomach into the intestines. And these include, first of all, sour-milk products, omelettes, vegetable soups. They will last in the stomach for an hour or two, no more.

A little longer — two to four hours — vegetables will stay there (except for legumes, salads, lean meat, lean fish. But cereals, pasta, fatty and fried meat require even more digestion (over four hours) and are in no way suitable for a late meal. It is best to exclude them. Otherwise, you can not only lie down to sleep with a heaviness in the stomach, but also disrupt the production of growth hormone, which is so necessary to maintain a normal weight.

— What is better to give preference to?

— Best of all, vegetables. In their favor is the presence of slowly digested carbohydrates and healthy fiber. The latter slows down digestion, contributes to the slow release of energy, and the glycemic load of vegetables is very low, which prevents fluctuations in the sugar curve. And it doesn’t matter if the vegetables are fresh or thermally processed. A salad and vegetable sauté will do. You can add porridge to them, but on the condition that most of the plate will be given to vegetables.

— It is unlikely that a man will be able to feed only vegetables, even with cereals…

— Choose protein foods (low-fat varieties of poultry, fish, lean meat, cottage cheese), they suppress hunger very well and also improve mood.

Use olive or other unrefined oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, homemade yogurt.
Reject salt in the evening. This will avoid fluid retention in the body.



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