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Nasal lavage - pros and cons

Chronic sinus problems or allergies can make your nose feel like it's constantly stuffed up. In order to regain the ability to breathe freely, many people who are prone to sinus problems resort to the saline nasal rinse technique, the purpose of which is to clear the nasal passages.

Many people are wondering if it is harmful to wash the nose, if there are any contraindications to the use of this method and how effective it is.

What is used to wash the nose? The most common tools for nasal irrigation are: a syringe without a needle, a douche, or a special vessel designed for this purpose. With the help of such instruments, a spray or mixture containing salt is poured into the nostril and poured out of the other. There are also special nasal irrigation devices that allow the solution to pass through the nose and allow you to regulate the pressure of the incoming fluid. The most important thing in choosing such a device – choose the most convenient way for you, which causes a minimum of discomfort.

How to rinse the nose?

Do not use tap water to rinse your nose. Distilled, sterilized or pre-boiled water must be used to prepare the saline solution. Salt is better to take sea and without additives (you can buy a pharmacy). It is also important to rinse the nasal irrigation tool after each use and let it dry. It also needs to be changed regularly, like a toothbrush.

Arguments  in favor of rinsing the nose?

The purpose of nasal rinsing is to eliminate infectious agents and irritants accumulated in the nose. The nasal passages are "equipped" with tiny cilia, which, swaying back and forth, trap dust particles, bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances.

Spores and other particles that a person inhales are forced to the back of the throat, swallowed, and destroyed by stomach acid.

In the event of sinusitis or allergies, the consistency of the mucus changes, preventing the movement of the cilia. Nasal rinsing helps loosen thickened mucus and improve cilia coordination, helping them to more effectively remove bacteria and other irritants from the nasal passage.

Rinse the nose with saline solution can be an effective way to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis and serve as an adjunct to conventional antibiotic and steroid treatments.

Harmful of nasal rinsing

According to a study by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, using nasal irrigation for too long can backfire. Specifically, patients who regularly used salt nasal spray for one year and then stopped using it were 62% more likely to suffer from sinusitis after one year.

What conclusion can be drawn from the results of such a study? Nasal mucus performs a useful function by helping to protect the body from infections. Nasal mucus contains very important immune elements, which are the first barrier to protect the respiratory tract from infections.

By flushing out "bad" nasal mucus, saline can rid the nose of beneficial antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agents.

However, this does not mean that rinsing the nose with saline should be avoided. The saline solution itself is not harmful. However, prolonged daily rinsing of the nose can exacerbate the problem. The optimal duration of nasal lavage with saline solution, according to the authors of this study, is 2-3 weeks. If during this time the symptoms you are trying to get rid of do not disappear, you still need to see a doctor.


How to ensure the safety of nasal irrigation

Nasal rinsing is generally safe, but sometimes it can lead to minor side effects in the form of slight irritation.

People with weakened immune systems are at greater risk of developing infections, so they should always consult a doctor before resorting to nasal irrigation.

Nasal lavage is also contraindicated for people who frequently experience nosebleeds and people with swallowing problems.


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