Работа с подсознанием: 5 основных мифов

The subconscious mind is unimaginable. It is an integral part of every person. It is like a computer: its main task is to store, organize and interpret data from repeated thoughts and images that a person constantly reproduces in his mind.

The subconscious mind helps to create circumstances that correspond to the thoughts and images fixed in it, as well as bring all mental and other habits to automatism. But at the same time, it does not see the difference between reality and fiction.

Regular and correct work with the subconscious helps a person achieve the desired goal and live the life he dreams of. But many myths swirl around this repository of phenomena. The editors of the Internet edition estet-portal.com found 5 main of them.

1. Working with the subconscious: it can do anything
2. I can force my mind to do something
3. I will ask a question and get an answer to it
4. I am completely dependent on what is inside my subconscious
5. Work with the subconscious: if I'm lazy, then this is not mine

Working with the subconscious: it can do anything

Many people think that the subconscious – it is something mystical. And if you somehow agree with him, something that meets all the needs and desires will definitely come into life.

In fact, the subconscious has nothing to do with mysticism. It is our past experience that has somehow been forced out of consciousness. In other words, it is the memory of past events.

The subconscious contains many negative attitudes that have accumulated over time. If they are removed, all your resources can be used to their full potential. Also, after working with the subconscious, you will see various options for solving the problem.

I can make my mind do something

You can't force your subconscious mind to do anything. If your goals and decisions correspond to what is in your subconscious, you will realize what you have planned, and without much difficulty.

Otherwise, you will continually encounter obstacles, stop halfway and feel sabotage inside you. You will be the author of all this yourself.

Your subconscious is made up of 95% of your past memories. Relying only on him, you make this or that decision.

To understand what kind of negative belief is hidden in your subconscious mind and to change it to a positive one, try kinesiology. This is a technique in which you will find all the exciting questions in your body.

I'll ask a question and get an answer

Many often misunderstand such a phrase and immediately use it. The subconscious can actually give you information. But it will be about the perception of your past experience.

For example, you ask yourself the question: "Should I go to this event today?". You will get a response: trembling in the body, excitement or something else. This reaction didn't come out of nowhere. You thought about the upcoming event, imagined that you were already there. Then you analyze using conscious and subconscious information.

People often confuse concepts and turn to the subconscious to find out the answer to a question. But in reality, intuition and the gift of foresight can help. They need to be developed.

When you ask a question, you will not get a specific answer about what will happen in the future, but only find out what feelings you had in the past. So, if something close happened to you in a past experience, and then you felt yourself in one way or another, then this feeling will be reproduced now.

And if you felt discomfort then, You need to work with the subconscious, that is, first you must eliminate negative attitudes and stresses, and then only make the right decision on a conscious level.

I'm completely dependent on what's inside my subconscious

Let us remind you that the subconscious mind is just an experience of the past. Therefore, dependence on it and the inability to change anything – it's a myth.

Remember this: we are here and now. And everything that happens to us – this is the result of our internal queries.

Therefore, it is necessary to take life into your own hands. And only then you will see how your certain actions and words contribute to the response of others. Realizing this, you yourself will become the author of your reality.

Working with the subconscious is necessary for each of us to get rid of the pain and fear received, as well as to become more conscious and move towards our goals.

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Working with the subconscious: if I'm lazy, then this is not mine

Laziness – a harmful phenomenon, because it does not allow you to move on. But the fact that you do not want to go the chosen path does not mean at all that it is not yours and you need to retreat.

Laziness often speaks of the accumulated stresses that are associated with what you do not want to do. So, its occurrence could be influenced by attitudes that adults imposed in childhood.

For example, parents constantly said: "You must do this and that, and if you make a mistake, you will stand in the corner," and teachers put deuces for mistakes.

That is why, feeling the fear of making a mistake, many are lazy and do not go further, believing that it is safer to do nothing than to act and make mistakes.

Serious work on the subconscious is needed here. First of all, you have to find out the root of laziness and work on yourself. After all, if you back away every time laziness attacks you, you will not grow, achieve goals and win.

We hope that all these myths about the subconscious will help you understand yourself, as well as eradicate the problems that stand in your way and prevent you from moving on.

But be prepared for the fact that work with the subconscious will take a lot of time and effort. And it is quite possible that you will need the help of a psychologist. But all the effort, time and resources spent will pay off in full. After all, by eradicating bad attitudes and curbing the power of your subconscious, you will grow, develop, and will be able to radically change the course of your life the way you want.

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