Стоит ли сделать подтяжку лица: 5 мифов о пластической хирургии

Perhaps, there is no woman who sooner or later did not think about a facelift. Alas, the face oval is one of the first to give out the true age or even add a few years to   

But think — it's one thing, but deciding on operation — completely different. Moreover, facial plastic surgery is surrounded by a lot of conjectures and myths that cast doubt on the expediency of such an intervention.

So is it worth doing a facelift or trying to learn how to accept unpleasant appearance changes with dignity?

Truths and myths about facelift

Insufficient or distorted information can equally push us to inappropriate actions and force us to abandon what would be useful. In the case of a facelift, the second statement is more true: many women refuse to correct age-related changes, guided by misconceptions.

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Myth 1. Do the operation once — you will do it for the rest of your life

And yes and no. Firstly, gravity has a constant effect on soft tissues, and also constantly slows down collagen synthesis in the skin. Therefore, it is natural that a facelift, which completely removed the signs of age now, will have to be repeated in a few years, when, due to natural changes, the skin of the face sank again and the oval became fuzzy.

But with a circular lift, these few years stretch for 10-15 — enough to enjoy a "second wind" youth.

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Myth 2. Lift — this is cutting off excess skin, after which facial expressions are distorted

The need for  facelift does not because the skin is stretched and acquires extra area. The oval of the face "blurs" due to the fact that under the influence of age-related changes and & nbsp; gravity, soft tissues descend, forming the main volume in the & nbsp; lower third. During the operation, the surgeon restores the position of soft tissues, lifting them and fixing them in natural fixation points. Nothing "superfluous" is not removed, so the facial muscles remain intact.

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Myth 3. A facelift can harm your health

Strictly speaking, anything can harm your health, even taking the most "innocent" tablets, if you have an allergy or individual intolerance to any component in its composition. Accordingly, any intervention carries certain risks.

But before a facelift, a comprehensive examination is mandatory, the purpose of which — identify possible contraindications to surgery. In addition, the patient is warned about his responsibility: how the extent to compliance with the requirements for preparation for lifting, its results depend by 50%.

Therefore, do not hide information from doctor that potentially affects the outcome of the intervention (past illnesses, bad habits, taking any medications, etc.) and follow all his recommendations, and health risks will be reduced to minimum.

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Myth 4. After a facelift, most cosmetic procedures are contraindicated

This applies only to the recovery period, which lasts 1.5-3 months (depending on the initial condition of the skin and the individual rate of tissue regeneration). After this, the procedures for rejuvenation, improving the quality of the skin, for the prevention of age-related changes become not only available to you, but recommended. With a competent approach to the choice of cosmetic procedures, the effect of a facelift becomes more pronounced, and the results are longer.

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Myth 5. A facelift does not make the face younger, it just makes the skin smoother

This is true for cases where age-related changes have already gone far enough, but the woman decided to limit herself to an exclusively circular lift. Naturally, an even and clear oval of the face is unable to hide deep nasolabial folds, "bags". under the eyes, overhanging upper eyelids and creases on the forehead or on the bridge of the nose. In such cases, an integrated approach to rejuvenation is important, in which the most pronounced signs of age are eliminated.

How to get the most out of a facelift

To minimize the chance of facelift results not being what you expect, heed the advice of plastic surgeons:

  • Make sure of the  high professionalism of the specialist you contacted. Do not hesitate to ask about the level of his qualifications, ask to see documents confirming his words. Be sure to study the portfolio with before and before photos.

  • Answer all doctor questions honestly, even if they don seem very sensitive to you.Do do take any prescription drugs, smoke do have  climax and etc. This information allows the doctor to understand the nature of the changes in the skin and form an individual plan for preparing for the operation.

  • Be sure to follow all the recommendations of the doctor regarding the passage of the preparatory and recovery period — the success of the facelift and compliance of the results with your expectations largely depends on this 

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The above tips are easy to follow. But they allow you to eliminate most of the risks to your health and make a facelift not just a surgical intervention, but a new stage in your life. The starting point from which the second youth begins.

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