Топ-10 советов от визажиста, как отрастить густые брови

Thick eyebrows emphasize not only the youthfulness of the face, but also speak of his health. Many women throughout their lives go to various experiments with this part of their face, but they do not always end successfully. Therefore, some of us eventually come to the question of how to restore density to the eyebrows and restore their health, agrees estet-portal.com.

Read our article for 10 practical tips how to grow beautiful thick eyebrows and how to properly care for them.

What to do to grow thick eyebrows

If you have come to the conclusion that you need to grow out your natural eyebrow curve after unsuccessful experiments, then you need to remember one important rule.  Do not use eyebrow tweezers for at least four months. Don't pick it up at all. 

During this time, the density of the eyebrows should return to its original form. But if you had a habit of plucking your eyebrows with a thin thread, then this process can drag on for a year.

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Complementary treatment for thick brows

To make your eyebrows look healthier and thicker during the rehabilitation period, you should use eyebrow conditioner. It has a restorative effect, nourishes and strengthens the hairs on the eyebrows.

He is also able to correct the form so as not to resort to the use of other means. In addition, it enriches each hair with nutrients and gives them shine, protects from the effects of ultraviolet.

Eyebrow health starts from the inside

As you know, healthy hair – indicator of your inner state. The same goes for eyebrows. Use nutritional supplements to support hair, they also work on eyebrow hairs.

It is important that the products you consume include B vitamins, amino acids and minerals. They will be especially useful if you decide to grow your natural eyebrows.

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How to mask eyebrows during the transition period?

While you dream of thick eyebrows, you will have to deal with the results of your unsuccessful experiments. To hide shape imperfections, use:

  • pencils,
  • gels,
  • powders,
  • wax.

Eyebrow gaps can be very well hidden by a combination of a pencil and a special eyebrow powder.

Wax-based products in the fight for perfect shape

The period when eyebrows grow seems to be very long when you have to fight with gaps every day. Sometimes one pencil is not enough or it does not cope with this problem.

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Then a tinting gel comes to the rescue in combination with a wax-based paste or powder. If fine hairs at the end of your brows are bothering you, then dry concealer can help.

Take attention away from the brows with other make-up accents

During the rehabilitation it is better to divert attention from the eyebrows with other accents. It can be long bangs or brightly painted lips. Also, do not draw attention to the bright eye makeup.


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Avoid using liquid products to define the shape of the eyes and brows (such as eyeliner). On the contrary, they will indicate the imperfection of the form.

Try applying toning!

Only a good specialist can beautifully and harmoniously reproduce your eyebrow line so that they look thick and as real as possible.

Try to use only natural products for tinting, so as not to damage the eyebrow hairs once again. However, it is better not to do this procedure on your own, but entrust to professionals.

How to correct eyebrows

Despite the fact that we have given you a recommendation to forget about tweezers, you still have to use them, but only for one zone – between the eyebrows. To correctly mark how much hair in this area needs to be plucked, put your finger on it. Carefully mark this area and remove excess hairs.

Be careful not to take too much, as this is where hair grows the slowest.

When should I do eyebrow shaping?


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When 4 months have passed and your eyebrows have grown and become thick, it's time to adjust. If you decide to do it yourself, take care of good lighting. Find photos of eyebrows that you like and imagine them on your face. If the picture is harmonious – act.

However, we recommend that you still have the first adjustment done by a specialist. First: the view from the outside can be a decisive factor in choosing a form. Secondly, a professionally adjusted uniform once is easier to maintain at home on your own.

How not to make mistakes in eyebrow correction?

When correcting the shape of the eyebrows – The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of form. To prevent this, first draw the desired bend with a bright pencil. All hairs that remain behind the traced contour are already to be removed.

This way you will definitely not miss, and keep the desired shape.

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