Учёные обнаружили: причины проблем с памятью из-за скачков давления

Changes in blood pressure greatly affect a person's well-being. Often, with pressure surges, a person experiences a headache, fatigue, drowsiness, and a breakdown. Few people think that unstable pressure can also cause memory problems.

Both high (hypertension) and low (hypotension) blood pressure negatively affect the state of the body. But scientists have found that it is the elevated blood pressure readings that can cause serious memory problems.
Today, the editors of estet-portal will tell you how pressure surges affect a person's memory. 

How hypertension affects the brain

Increased blood pressure is accompanied by tension in the walls of blood vessels. As a result, blood circulation is disturbed. Thus, the human brain is left without the necessary nutrients that come to it along with oxygen. One of the consequences of this process may be damage to the tissues of the white matter of the brain. Because of this, memory problems occur, thinking worsens and it becomes difficult for a person to absorb information.

Why do we remember unnecessary information and forget the necessary


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In most cases, these problems occur in older people, as they often suffer from pressure surges. 

What can cause memory problems besides hypertension

It is human nature to forget information. But when you notice that this happens too often or you forget something very important and something that you have never forgotten before, you should think about the reasons.

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In fact, memory problems can be caused by many factors. Among the main ones:

  • constant stress, fatigue;

  • mental disorders, including depression;

  • lack of sleep;

  • lack of vitamins (especially vitamin B12 and A);

  • head injuries, infections;

  • side effects from medications;

  • Regular consumption of alcohol, smoking.
  • What other consequences of pressure surges can be

If a person has high blood pressure on a regular basis, they have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Hypertension is the most important cause of various diseases

of the heart and blood vessels

, as well as stroke. If hypertension is not controlled, a person can have a heart attack and develop heart failure. Also, high blood pressure can lead to kidney failure and vision problems.

If you don't monitor your blood pressure and follow a healthy lifestyle, you're more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.


How to improve memory: can't remember

To prevent the development of hypertension, doctors recommend following some rules:

- eat right (limit fat and salt intake, eat enough fruits and vegetables, do not overeat)

- do not abuse alcohol and stop smoking

- regularly maintain physical activity (at least 30 minutes a day)

- minimize stress

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