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Water treatments based on a healing shower

Водные процедуры на основе лечебного душа

Water – symbol of life. It fills all living things with life. Water procedures in our time have ceased to be just a means of maintaining hygiene. Today, there are many procedures that cleanse our body, "wash off" extra pounds and simply relax us. These procedures include therapeutic showers. The editors of Еstet-portal decided to check all the pros and cons of the types of healing shower. Today we will tell you everything that we managed to learn about the popular water procedures, which are based on a healing shower.

Charcot Therapeutic Shower

For those who want to get rid of cellulite and lose weight, there is an excellent remedy – Charcot shower. But for this procedure, you will need to consult a doctor, since it has a rather harsh effect on the body. Remember the scenes from the films where the protesting demonstrators are dispersed with a hose? This procedure is about the same. From a distance of 3-5 meters, a powerful jet hits you, the diameter of which reaches 1.5 centimeters.

Pros. Charcot shower perfectly copes with cellulite, and after a few procedures you will see a real result. Excess weight goes along with cellulite. It is also used for physiotherapeutic purposes. In sanatoriums and clinics, it is recommended for deep massage of the joints, muscles and back.

Cons. As with any other procedure, Charcot's soul also has contraindications. First of all, it is contraindicated in people with reduced blood clotting. Do not overdo it and perform this procedure too often, otherwise you can only aggravate the problem. Another disadvantage of the procedure is its pain and subsequent marks on the body.

Vichy Healing Shower

Vichy Shower – the second option is to get the desired effect of harmony. Its peculiarity lies in the use of ultra-thin jets of water. Each of them does not exceed 1 mm in diameter. They give streams under high pressure, so the sensations from this procedure are similar to acupuncture.

This shower is usually combined with other weight loss spa treatments. Wraps, lymphatic drainage massage, steam bath and infrared sauna – wonderful additions to the Vichy soul. Also, salons often use special products that are applied to the patient's body before the procedure in order to prolong the effect of it.

Pros. Vichy shower has a positive effect on the skin. It tones it and increases elasticity, helps to lose weight. This procedure is able to relieve stress, relax and increase the level of endorphins in the blood.

Cons. For rashes, problems with nails and other skin lesions, you should consult a dermatologist before deciding on this procedure. Also, the disadvantages include the fact that on their own, without additional procedures, the Vichy shower produces a weak anti-cellulite effect. The reason for this lies in the fact that thin streams of water affect only the upper layers of the skin.

Therapeutic Swiss shower

This type of healing shower – a good alternative to Vichy's soul. Indications and contraindications for him are about the same as for Vichy. At the same time, the principle of its operation is slightly different. So, thin streams of water do not hit the skin directly, but in a circle.

Pros. In addition to the fight against excess weight, it is often used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also, with the help of this procedure, blood pressure is stabilized. Another plus is the relaxing effect of this shower.

Cons. Swiss circular shower is contraindicated for people suffering from acute chronic diseases, as well as for colds and fever.

Therapeutic laser shower

Laser shower, or as it is also called "beauty beam", has recently appeared on the spa market. The essence of this procedure – in a dual effect on the skin. At the same time, it is affected by water jets and a laser.

Pros. Hydrolaser helps in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and neurodermatitis. It also cleanses the skin and makes it look healthy and fresh.

Cons. As an independent remedy in the treatment of cellulite or for weight loss, it is practically ineffective. So they use it as an additional tool to enhance the effect of other procedures.

Editorial Estet-portal sincerely hopes that our material will help you choose the right option for a healing shower. If you would like to know about other water procedures or know about some that we have not mentioned, tell us. We will definitely write about it in the next article.

It is useful to supplement any water procedures with professional care. For example, lymphatic drainage facial massage:


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