In the wild and in a civilized society, it is easy to come across parasites that prefer to live at the expense of others. Such blood-sucking devourers can easily confuse the head of absolutely any person, and none of us is immune from meeting with them. One of these are lice. They are extremely easy to pick up, but very difficult to get rid of. How to shake off these unfriendly bugs from the head? Read more about this in the article

What is pediculosis?

   An infestation with lice is called pediculosis. Lice are external, external parasites that live off another organism. They feed on blood and settle in the scalp of people, since the skin there is thinner and more vulnerable. So their food becomes easily accessible. Often, the head becomes the preferred place for a lousy residence, less often they settle in the inguinal zone, armpits or eyebrows. These parasites don't live too long – up to 40 days. Their danger is in high reproductive function. One female is capable of laying up to a hundred larvae at a time. Those, in turn, having transformed into nits, firmly cling to the base of the hair. The nit has a grayish translucent color and is located a centimeter below the hair follicle. Therefore, nits are not easy to see.

   If you are patient and ignore the lice, they will gladly eat their place of temporary residence and go in search of a new victim.

How do lice roam?

   Often, lice settle in polluted places. Violation of hygiene rules attracts these parasites. Such an environment is favorable for them. However, they don't need much. Just a month is enough not to monitor your cleanliness and lice will soon become late guests.

   Pediculosis is also common in factories and kindergartens, where the necessary hygiene measures are not observed. They can easily become infected in crowded places and through close contact. Most often, lice first fall on clothing and linger in its folds, and then move to the body. Most often, their path begins from the back, since clothing is closest to it.

Symptoms of head lice

   The main symptom is severe itching, but it is characteristic not only of pediculosis. What else do lice bring with them? Due to the composition of the saliva of lice, the blood from the wounds they inflict does not coagulate. Therefore, in addition to visible drops of blood on the hair, a bluish appearance forms on the scalp. Upon contact with sebum, dirt and microbes, these wounds begin to fester, forming abscesses and boils. With prolonged illness, the scalp changes pigment and hardens.

   The temples and the back of the head are the most susceptible to the vital activity of lice.

How to evict lice?

   Getting rid of head lice takes time. Treatment should not be interrupted, otherwise the parasite will attack the tortured organism again.

   To cure pediculosis, it is necessary to adhere to all the rules of hygiene and maintain it not only on the head, but throughout the house. But despite the fact that lice do not like order, they will not rush to leave their habitable place. This will require special medications. The most effective and popular are the following:

  • Cream-shampoo "Nock";
  • Pedex Gel/Lotion;
  • Aerosol «Para Plus»;
  • Shampoo «Khigia»;
  • Nittifor cream and solution;
  • Permethrin ointment;
  • Nyx Cream
  • Medifox emulsion/gel.

   Before you start using them, you must carefully read the composition. Some of these drugs are not recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. If after the second use you do not feel the result, this medicine is not working for you and it needs to be replaced. It is noteworthy that these drugs should not be used to treat children under two years of age. To find the right course of therapy for the smallest, you should consult a doctor.

   In addition to the use of medicines, it is also necessary to constantly comb out nits and dead lice from the hair with a comb. During treatment, it is not recommended to use masks and hair conditioners. Their composition can enter into an adverse reaction with the drug. You can not use several drugs at the same time. In addition, underwear should be changed daily, and clothes and pastels should be ironed for thermal disinfection.

   To remove lice, it is not at all necessary to seek medical help. The only exception is the case when pediculosis affects the eyebrows. For such treatment, the selection of medicines should be carried out by a doctor.

   It is also worth noting that lice medications contain pesticides that are harmful to the body. Therefore, during treatment it is necessary to use a complex of vitamins A, B, C and E. Vitamin C is especially important, which helps the body fight infections and strengthens the immune system. In addition, it is necessary to include antioxidants in the diet to cleanse the body of pesticides.

How to prevent pediculosis?

   To minimize the risk of disease, it is necessary to limit your contact with carriers of lice. It is important to keep the house clean and wash clothes and bed linen in a timely manner. Underwear must be washed daily. Personal hygiene is of particular importance. You need to wash your hair at least once a week. Shower should be taken daily, thoroughly washing the body with soap.

   Cleanliness in the house – it is purity in thoughts and the absence of itching in the head. Maintain your well-being with!

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