Scientists say that the current generation is much smarter than their ancestors. Scientific studies in different countries have shown that every year there are visible improvements in children's development. Good news! But what concrete actions of parents can contribute to making the child smarter.

How to raise a smart child

1. Take the child to a sports school

Absolutely everyone knows that sport is good for physical health. But did you know that it is also good for mental development?  For example, after physical exertion, the ability to remember information increases by 20%. After playing sports, children memorize words faster, thereby replenishing their vocabulary. This is what is needed for the early development of an intelligent child. Children hear new words, learn to build sentences and communicate with their peers and adults.

2. Share your hobby with children

Actually, having a hobby in life is very important, and it is necessary to instill this idea in a child in early childhood. At the initial stage, it is possible to do this by setting a personal example. It is very important to involve children in your hobby, and it can be anything: biking, cooking, music, drawing. This should not be taken as imposing one's interests on children. On the contrary, the more they try, the easier it will be for them to choose their hobby in the future.

3. Support the child's initiative and praise them for not giving up

If a child shows interest in something, it should be encouraged. Children are very grateful for support, and if they see that adults are encouraging their interests, this will make them put in even more effort. It is important to praise children not only for a good result, but also for the fact that they try and do not give up on the way to this result. It is necessary to teach the child that the secret of success is often hidden in perseverance. In today's society, only smart people with a wide range of interests and knowledge in different fields will be able to succeed.

4. Let the children sleep

The benefits of sleep for mental development are undeniable. Sleep, nutrition and physical development are the three fundamental conditions for the development of a healthy and intelligent child. At first glance, lack of sleep can only affect health, but studies have shown that the mental development and mental state of the child is directly dependent on enough sleep. If the child does not get enough sleep, he will not be able to perceive information, be attentive, concentrated and active.

5. Do everything to make the child feel happy

As paradoxical as it sounds, we must start with ourselves. Becoming happy parents is easier said than done, isn't it? When you have a lot of unfinished business, the brain is busy thinking about problems, it is very difficult to relax and feel happy. But try to forget about it for a while, and spend quality time with your child, knowing that this will positively affect him. Studies of the socio-emotional factors of child development have shown that happy children want to learn, they are more inquisitive and therefore smarter.

6. Read with your child

All parents read books to little children who don't know how to do it themselves yet. It is very important not only to read, but also to involve the child in this process: show pictures, discuss characters, and the like. But when the child has already learned to read on his own, we stop reading together. And in vain! Let's remember how in the past, families gathered in living rooms and read books aloud. Shared reading – this is, firstly, the development of the imagination, which is necessary for raising an intelligent child, secondly, this is communication in the family circle, and thirdly, this is an introduction to culture.

When imagining the life of their children, all parents want them to be healthy, happy and smart. At the same time, parents often act intuitively, by trial and error. But it's better not to experiment on your children and listen to advice on how to raise a smart child!

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