Безопасен ли искусственный загар в солярии

Sophisticated beauties know that in order to become the owner of a delicate, golden hue on the skin in the dead of winter or in the first spring months, it is not at all necessary to go on vacation to warm countries. An alternative to an expensive trip will be a visit to the solarium, because a light, beautiful uniform tan — it is not only fashionable, but also prestigious. In addition, they subject their body to such a procedure not only in pursuit of beauty. Even a fake tan from a tanning bed helps with some of the health problems that come up in winter and autumn when the days are so short and the sun doesn't often show through the clouds. However, before you go to the nearest beauty salon for your share of ultraviolet, we suggest, together with estet-portal.com, to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of artificial tanning and find out

Sunbeds help strengthen bones

Do you think that there is no connection between sunburn and bone strength? This is not entirely true!

The ultraviolet part of the spectrum emitted by lamps in solariums has a more gentle effect on the skin than the ruthless summer sun, because the equipment can be adjusted so that the procedure of "sunbathing" is as safe as possible. However, exposure to even such an artificial ultraviolet provides the synthesis of vitamin D, which is necessary to maintain the optimal calcium content in the body. So, tanning in a solarium, at a time when the body is so lacking in the sun, helps to positively affect the strength of the bones of the skeleton and the condition of your joints.

Scientific studies have confirmed the high effectiveness of UV exposure to improve calcium metabolism in the body.  It is not surprising, therefore, that a visit to the solarium helps to forget about pain in the back and legs, improve the functioning of the joints, and prevent the destruction of tooth enamel.

Sunburn in a solarium: beauty, benefits and pleasure

We all know perfectly well that the reason for the autumn blues, depression and irritability is a lack of serotonin — "pleasure hormone", which is produced in the body when exposed to sunlight. The normal level of such a hormone — this is not only a good mood, but also an increase in resistance to stress.

The fair sex needs to remember that serotonin is involved in the regulation of the menstrual cycle. Its level is especially high at ovulation, when a woman is in an elevated emotional state.
Unfortunately, serotonin has not yet been synthesized artificially, and it can be obtained from food only in negligible doses. So, in order not to slide into the abyss of autumn depression, we just need sunlight. Of course, there is nothing better than a long walk in the fresh air, preferably in the morning. Well, those who cannot afford such a luxury have the opportunity to restore the lack of serotonin by tanning in a solarium.

A visit to the solarium helps to strengthen the immune defense

The results of modern scientific research prove that the reliability of the body's immune defenses also depends on sunlight. Exposure to ultraviolet rays increases the activity of immune cells and promotes the growth of their number. The regulatory functions of the brain responsible for immunity are activated under the influence of light, which provides us not only with resistance to colds, but also with a general improvement in well-being.

It is clear that in the summer, when there is enough sun, we are fresh and cheerful. Well, with the onset of short cloudy days, a solarium will help not only acquire a beautiful skin tone, but also get rid of:
·    feelings of lethargy;
·    fatigue;
·     chronic fatigue;
·    feelings of heaviness even after short-term exertion.

Moderate tan helps to heal the skin

Of course, the main thing is why we go to the solarium — a gentle golden tan that not only changes skin tone, but also discolors and makes less noticeable fine hairs covering the arms and legs. But that's not all!

The ultraviolet part of the spectrum affects not only the surface layer of the epidermis, the cells of the deeper layers of the skin also receive their share of the "sun", which has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin, which becomes more resistant to the negative effects of irritating factors. A course of tanning sessions in a solarium helps to cope with small pimples and pustules.

In case of inflammation of the sebaceous glands, visiting a solarium is contraindicated, since the inflammatory process in this case will only worsen.
We take into account the compatibility of procedures with drugs

Of course, visiting a solarium has some contraindications or restrictions that must be taken into account so as not to cause harm to health.

First of all, you should be aware of the incompatibility of sunbathing with the intake of some widely used drugs. You should not visit the solarium if you have an appointment:

·    sulfadimethoxine;
·    biseptol;
·    tetracycline;
·    doxycilin.
In addition, the procedure is contraindicated when taking hormonal drugs (for example, oral contraceptives).
In addition, tanning sessions in the solarium will have to be postponed when taking drugs that increase sensitivity to radiation.

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Who needs to be careful: Key risk groups

Who else can be harmed by "artificial sun"? There are several potential risk groups for which it can lead to unpredictable and even fatal consequences.

First of all, visiting a solarium is undesirable for people with increased sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. In this case, instead of an even and beautiful tan, the skin will react with an allergic reaction, including a rash and a general deterioration in well-being.

In addition, visiting a solarium is contraindicated:·    in diseases of the thyroid gland, since when receiving an excessive dose of ultraviolet radiation, a change in the hormonal background and an exacerbation of the existing disease can occur;
·    in the presence of any skin diseases, since ultraviolet light can only aggravate the problem;
·    with a predisposition or likelihood of developing oncological processes. In some cases, ultraviolet light is a catalyst for pathological changes in cells;
·    during pregnancy.
However, even with a completely satisfactory state of health, artificial tanning is not useful for everyone. The solarium should not be visited by owners of fair skin, prone to the appearance of freckles or with a large number of moles.

What you need to know when visiting a solarium for the first time

So, if your health condition allows you to get a fake tan, you can do it in a few short sessions. However, not everything is so simple here either. Preparation for the procedure must begin about a day before it. Follow the drinking regime, because when you get a tan in a solarium, you lose a lot of moisture.

Before you start sunbathing:·    remove makeup;
·    Take a warm shower without soap or gel to avoid overdrying your skin;
·    apply a protective balm to your lips;
·    cover moles and tattoos with special stickers.
In case of discomfort, pain and burning, you must stop the procedure immediately.
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