A study published in The Financial Express magazine suggests that women see 40-year-old men as fathers rather than sex symbols. And the appearance — not the only indicator of this.

Manchester scientists have investigated this fact. They interviewed a thousand women. It turned out that a double chin, gray hair, wrinkles and folds repel young women more than the fact that men can be married. With age, there are fewer collagen fibers, and the skin undergoes characteristic changes, which women passing by turn their attention to. 

Researchers have found that half of the women surveyed are confident in the lower sexuality and performance of men at the age of 40. In addition to attractiveness, productivity and energy, memory and the ability to concentrate deteriorate with age. Of course, the state of health also makes itself felt. Therefore, women lose the meaning of dating men of this age. But you need to remember that the prime of life comes when the best years are already behind everyone and us. No wonder they say: "There are no wrinkles on the heart." 

Source estet-portal.com 

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