Домашние тренировки для девушек: прокачаем своё тело

Now it is not fashionable to be not healthy. There is only talk around about proper nutrition, diets, training, etc. The internet is full of information and videos. But not everything that «healthy lifestyle» - it really is healthy. It takes only one day to sit on a diet for a girl, as right there in the header of her profile appears an "expert on proper nutrition"; or go once to the "fitness trainer" gym.

We are lucky to know fitness trainer Ivan Khudobenko, who told us how to do home workouts for girls.

The editorial office of estet-portal.com provides you with the opportunity to receive valuable advice, how to pump your body at home.

15-minute workout for girls

Home workouts for girls: where to start? And we will start by writing down a comprehensive workout that can be performed before work, study. In just a month, your body will be transformed beyond recognition and everyone will look after you, drooling.

Workout for all muscle groups: how to get the body of your dreams

The first minute of the complex

Squatting on one leg

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Finding a comfortable place where you can hold on to something. We put one foot forward, preferably under some plank, if possible. We raise the second leg, holding the support with our hands, pull the toe towards ourselves, smoothly squat. We do 30 seconds on one leg and 30 seconds on the other. We inhale as we squat down and exhale as we rise up.

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The second minute of the
Mahi complex

My default imageKneel and hands. We take one leg bent at the knees to the side, and then we do a kickback (swing) back and at the same time we pull the toe towards us. Lowering the leg down after the swing, you do not need to put it on the floor, keep the leg in the air with the gluteal muscle. After 30 seconds, change the leg and repeat the same movements. We do this exercise for one minute. It is very important to keep your back straight and remember to breathe. 

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Third minute of the complex

Pelvis lift

My default image We lie on our back, put our legs as wide as possible, we substitute the heels under ourselves, while keeping a small distance at the knees. And we begin to lift the pelvis up, pausing at the top point, and slowly lower ourselves down. For an even better result, we can take a support, as shown in the picture. This is the main exercise from the complex, so it works out the muscles of the buttocks as much as possible. And it is the most effective for achieving the desired result, that is, butts like Kim. We do the exercise for one minute.

Home exercises for the buttocks
The fourth minute of the complex


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One of the main problem areas for girls
– hands, namely triceps. We find a comfortable place (it can be a bedside table or an ottoman, for example, the main thing is that the surface is stable). We sit on the surface, we hold our hands near the pelvis. We put our legs forward, bend our back and begin to lower them down, taking a breath, while keeping our elbows in the most pressed position, that is, we do not spread them to the sides. We go down to a right angle in the elbow joint. Slowly rise up and exhale. We repeat this exercise for one minute. The farther we put our feet, the more difficult it will be to perform the exercise, respectively, the load is greater and the efficiency – above. Main – find a comfortable position for yourself and work.

Fifth minute of the complex

Surely, this is the favorite minute of the complex for many girls. We rest for a minute, take a breath. We can walk around, raising our hands up and taking a breath, lowering down – exhalation. Think about something nice, like how you become a fit girl and improve your health thanks to this complex workout.

Home workouts for girls: useful tips

Home workouts for girls:

what is important to know? It is important to remember that
physical activity
– it's only 10% success. Main – it is nutrition, mode and attitude. Do not forget that you need to maintain a water balance, eat right, exclude flour, fried foods, and alcohol from the diet. Remember that everyone has the right to a cheat meal when you can afford the “prohibition”. Thus, you will reinsure yourself and prevent breakdowns.

How much water should you drink to maintain a healthy lifestyle

My default imageFitness trainer Ivan Khudobenko recommends following
3 main rules
so that your figure, girls, is ready for the summer season at any time of the year: 1. Follow the rules of proper nutrition

2. Perform this set of workouts every morning

3. Drink plenty of water

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