Aesthetic dentistry deals with the following procedures: teeth whitening, restoration, grinding, prosthetics, tooth shape correction and general dental procedures.

What services does aesthetic dentistry provide?

  1. Teeth whitening - allows you to make your teeth more radiant. Also, teeth whitening procedures result in uniform tooth color, hide stains, and also brighten darkened teeth.
  2. Tooth reshaping - Porcelain veneers are mainly used for this, for example, dental porcelain plates are applied to the tooth to change its shape and color.
  3. Tooth Position Correction - Improper tooth positioning can cause chewing discomfort and ruin your smile. The plates help to correct the position of the teeth. They are also effective in getting rid of large gaps between teeth.
  4. Jewellery for teeth - a variety of jewelry made mainly of gold (yellow or white) or other jewelry that patients wear on the visible surfaces of the teeth for beauty.

Aesthetic dentistry also deals with filling and restoring damaged teeth (inlays, onlays, implants, crowns, bridges, etc.).

  • Inlay is a porcelain dental filling, which, in addition to exceptional reliability, is also very similar to a natural tooth.
  • onlay - used to restore severely damaged teeth to avoid the use of crowns in order to preserve as much dental tissue as possible.
  • prosthetic crown - roughly speaking, it is a cap that covers a tooth that is so damaged that it cannot be restored using conventional methods.
  • bridge – in cases where the patient loses his own tooth, it can be restored on the basis of the patient's native teeth. This method is much more functional and aesthetic, as it creates a natural appearance of the tooth.

Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, you can not worry about the beauty of your smile, because professionals will take care of it!


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