Как сохранить красивый овал лица после удаления зуба

Changes in the oval of the face, contrary to popular belief, can be the result of not only age-related characteristics or weight fluctuations, but also dental intervention. Many do not even realize that after tooth extraction and subsequent prosthetics, the oval of the face can also lose its "young" contours. To avoid such unpleasant consequences of visiting a dentist, estet-portal.com suggests reading this material, which contains information on how and why tooth extraction can affect the face.

How can tooth extraction affect facial contours

Turning to the dentist, we expect to find the perfect smile, which will only emphasize the beauty of the face. But not everyone knows about the influence of teeth on the shape of the face and wrinkles. And when it comes time to remove a tooth that cannot be restored, we discuss with the specialist the available methods of prosthetics, sometimes postponing this procedure for later.

Some time after the extraction of a tooth, especially not a noticeable distant one, you can notice that the wrinkles on the side of the extraction have become more noticeable, and their number has increased. Why is this happening?

Tooth extraction does not immediately affect the shape of the face, but over time, the gums become deformed, the elasticity of facial tissues decreases, which negatively affects the appearance of the face.

The bony septa, which served as the basis for the formation of the tooth socket, dissolve after the extraction of the tooth, leaving a semblance of a dent in the jaw. At the same time, the height and diameter of the jaw decrease, which entails tension in the small muscles of the face and the appearance of new or increased severity of existing wrinkles.

If the restoration of the dentition is not done in time, the following problems may arise:

  • if several teeth are removed from the lower jaw, this can lead to a change in the angle of its location and displacement of soft tissues, resulting in wrinkles;
  • in the absence of one or more front teeth, there may be a sinking of the upper or lower lip;
  • fang problems affect the smile line;
  • removal of wisdom teeth entails hollow cheeks.

To prevent such changes, we will consider below:

  • which teeth most influence the shape of the face;
  • whether timely prosthetics will prevent a change in the shape of the face;
  • can prosthetics affect the beauty of the face.


Removal of which teeth most affects the oval of the face

In the 1930s, sunken cheeks were an integral part of the ideal of beauty. To achieve this effect, women of fashion decided to remove molars and enhanced the result with dark blush.

After the removal of wisdom teeth, the oval of the face may change. In addition, there is a redistribution of the chewing load among the remaining teeth and a change in their position, which may be fraught with the appearance of unaesthetic cracks. 

Not only molars, but canines also affect the beauty of the face. Without them, the lips become flat, and wrinkles begin to collect in the perioral region. This happens because the fangs support the curve of the jaw, the oval of the face, and also participate in the work of the temporomandibular joints. When these joints fail, the lower jaw droops slightly, causing the tissues to sag and the overall face to look older.

Will dental prosthetics prevent deformation of the face oval

If you want to avoid changing the shape of your face after tooth extraction, you should not delay with prosthetics, as it not only allows you to preserve the beauty of your smile, but also preserves the dentition, which will help you avoid jaw deformation.

Timely and competent prosthetics of extracted teeth will help preserve the youthfulness of the face oval and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

The method of prosthetics does not play a role in this case, any dental implants will help maintain the same distance between the teeth, preventing the jaw from deforming. In addition, the chewing muscles and jaw joints will work as before, as a result of which the oval of the face will remain unchanged, and the appearance of new wrinkles will be avoided.

Can prosthetics after extraction have a negative impact on the oval of the face

Timely prosthetics will minimize the risk of changes in facial contours after tooth extraction. Appeal to a qualified specialist – no less important factor in this matter.

The implant should not change the bite or disturb the closure of the jaws, since in this case the redistribution of the load on the masticatory muscles may be uneven, and the jaw ligaments may be overstressed. Such changes will also have a negative effect on the face: sagging tissues, wrinkles and folds will appear.

If you approach prosthetics correctly and wisely, the oval of the face will remain unchanged, and new wrinkles will not disturb you ahead of time. Already existing wrinkles can be smoothed out with RF-lifting, which will start the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid:

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