Как ухаживать за ресницами и как правильно красить ресницы: полный бьюти-гид

Did you know that there are the same trends and trends for various eyelash makeup in the world of high fashion as for clothes and accessories? In one season, couturiers sing of natural, untouched mascara eyelashes, in the next – they bring models with "spider legs" to the catwalks; on the eyes. However, no matter what the eyelash makeup trend is now, the classic – fluffy long eyelashes, waving which a woman makes men lose their heads.

How to achieve such an effect with the right eyelash makeup? And how to care for eyelashes so that they are thick and healthy? estet-portal.com knows the answers to these questions.

Everything for a wow effect: how to care for eyelashes and how to color eyelashes

Fashion for spectacular "fans" originated in ancient times. The Romans, for example, believed that slutty women were given out by sparse short cilia. What was the basis of such a strange logic – it is not known for certain, but the Roman matrons had to invent a wide variety of tricks to emphasize their purity and respected status.

And the ancient Egyptians went even further and declared long eyelashes one of the symbols of piety and high status in society. Therefore, the cunning beauties of that time got the hang of caring for eyelashes with crushed minerals and various nutrients, and also invented the first eye makeup that made it possible to visually highlight eyelashes.

The success of the long "fans" silent films of the beginning of the last century have strengthened women in modern society.

Since the actresses of that period of cinema did not have the opportunity to flaunt a biting phrase, they had to learn how to languidly wave false eyelashes in the frame – how else to seduce men without words on the screen?

So, if the Egyptians and Romans had to make do with soot and beeswax, what means should modern girls trust?

Best Eyelash Makeup Hacks

  1. As everyone knows, perm holds better when hair is heated. This also applies to eyelashes. When curling your lashes with a heated curling iron, the effect will be much more striking and long lasting.

Only God forbid you to heat the tongs over the burner of the stove! Eyelashes will still come in handy. Just warm up your mini-device with hot air from a hair dryer. Then for 20 seconds with eyelashes raised at the base – and you are almost ready to conquer the world. It remains only to paint over the "curls" long-lasting mascara, focusing on the roots (so that the curled effect pleases longer).

  1. If you've gone too far with curling your lashes and their curls have begun to resemble the curls of a young lamb, you will be rescued by the same tongs that almost became the source of a beauty disaster.

Just flip them – and boldly align everything back. And a thick mascara with a thick brush will come to the rescue, which will thicken the eyelashes as much as possible, straightening the curls.

  1. If you've been wearing mascara over the rest of your make-up and accidentally brushed your eye makeup, don't rush to wipe off all your make-up and start over.

Almost every woman now has micellar water in her arsenal. Wet a cotton swab in it, gently apply to the miss site. In a few seconds, the spots will dissolve by themselves, and you do not have to rub the skin, smearing the makeup already done.

  1. It is often advised to store cosmetics in a cool place to prolong their shelf life. So, remember: this rule does not apply to carcasses!

In the cold, the beauty product thickens and, as a result, lumps begin to form faster.

So wherever you store the contents of your cosmetic bag, leave the mascara at room temperature, and that's it!
  1. If the mascara is a little dry and the expiration date has not yet expired, then a few drops of eye drops will help bring it back to life (sorry for the tautology).
  2. If your eyelashes are "liquid", try the following hack.

Arm yourself with a flat wing brush, take a little mascara on it and run it straight along the ciliary roots. This technique will hide large gaps between individual cilia and create a visual effect of density.

  1. It is often difficult to deal with the variety of brushes that the modern cosmetic world offers.

If you are not sure which brush you need, follow these tips.

Classic fluffy brushes are designed for the same fluffy, voluminous effect, while fashionable plastic ones with rare "teeth" - perfectly lengthen and separate (as if "combing") eyelashes.

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  1. If your favorite mascara is not enough volume all the time, get a primer.

This product thickens and lengthens the lashes. It must be applied before mascara. After the primer, two coats of mascara – and stunning volume provided.

  1. For the effect of doll eyes, you need to carefully and densely paint over the eyelashes in the middle, and also twist the tips of the upper and lower eyelashes.
However, no matter how skillfully you apply makeup, if your own eyelashes are weak and unhealthy, it will be difficult to hide it with any tricks.

So don't skimp on one of the most spectacular parts of your face and splurge on quality skin care products.

If funds allow, you can purchase a special serum to accelerate the growth of eyelashes. The effect is amazing: for about two months after the end of the course, your eyelashes will delight you even without mascara. True, the effect is not for life, so serum courses will have to be repeated periodically. By the way, the purchase of such a tool does not necessarily hit the pocket – now even budget brands produce similar products. Main – look for vitamins and biopeptides in the composition of the selected product. These are the little wizards who are working on your eyelashes.

If you prefer folk care products, you can safely use one of the oils that you prefer. Castor oil strengthens, improves growth and prevents hair loss; peach, almond, sea buckthorn and burdock oils (you can even take olive oil for lack of others) nourish eyelashes with vitamins and microelements; coconut, linseed, and rosehip oil moisturize, nourish and prevent eyelash loss.

Using oils is very simple: every time after removing makeup before going to bed, apply a drop of your favorite oil to the eyelashes with a clean mascara brush (or cotton swab).

Just make sure that there is not much of it, otherwise, if it gets into your eyes, you risk getting such irritation that in the morning you will be horrified by the red inflamed "mirrors of the soul".

If you're a salon lover, try LVL lash lift (also known as keratin lash lift). The abbreviation stands for Length (length), Volume (volume), Lift (twisting) and fully displays the effect after the procedure. Lamination is carried out with the help of various biological products, which are gradually applied to the eyelashes with a special miniature roller. They say that even short cilia are transformed. The effect lasts 6-8 weeks.

Humanity's fascination with beautiful eyelashes has been going on for more than one century, and all because the eyes – a mirror of the soul, and the eyelashes framing them allow you to look deeper into this mysterious pool of human passions. Take care of your "framing" and let the tips from estet-portal.com help you with this!

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