How dental care affects heart disease

It is a mistake to think that poor dental health only affects oral health. However, it has been proven that the well-being of the body is directly related to proper dental care. Scientists have proven that bacteria in the mouth have a bad effect on the circulatory system, immunity, blood sugar levels, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and sexual function in men. But today we will try to establish a connection between appearance, heart disease and problems in the oral cavity.

Consequences of improper dental care

If your teeth do not allow you to chew food thoroughly, this can lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the absence of a tooth or several simply needs to be eliminated. Otherwise, an ulcer or gastritis can be treated for years, and not understand that diseases arise from excessive stress on the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, poorly digested food is poorly absorbed by the body, forming bloating and constipation in the intestines.

Incorrect bite is also one of the causes of numerous diseases.  For starters, this is an improper load on the teeth, as a result of which, by the age of 30-40 years, tooth loss and gum destruction can occur. In addition, a person becomes susceptible to such diseases as: pain in the dorsal and cervical parts of the spine, jaw snapping, headaches. Modern technologies make it possible to correct the bite at almost any age.

The aesthetic appearance of the dentition becomes a psychological factor. Often people have complexes or tightness if their teeth have an ugly appearance and color. A person tries to smile less, hides his emotions. This has a bad effect on his psycho-emotional state.

Bad breath will not only be a communication problem, but also indicates that pathogenic bacteria are developing in the oral cavity.

Eating a lot of sweets will also not benefit your teeth, emphasizes Prolonged exposure to the sweet environment in the mouth contributes to the destruction of enamel. As a consequence – occurrence of caries and tooth sensitivity.


Effect of malocclusion on the condition of the face

If you have an overbite (upper teeth protruding significantly beyond the lower jaw), your back teeth wear down faster than your front teeth. This leads to the "omission" corners of the lips, facial expression takes on "displeased" view.

In case of an overbite (the lower jaw protrudes forward), the chin appears too massive in relation to the rest of the face.  The temporal and jaw muscles are in constant tension. The facial expression seems to be quite stern all the time.

If your jaw belongs to an open bite (a gap is formed between the rows of teeth and the teeth do not close), there is a violation of the symmetry of the face. Sunken cheeks may stand out. Correspondingly, wrinkles appear in the area of ​​the cheeks and mouth.

In case of crossbite (the upper or lower jaw develops unevenly), the jaw moves to one side or the other. Facial asymmetry develops. The face looks distorted.


The sooner you fix the problems with the bite, there will be fewer problems with the appearance of the face. It must be remembered that at an earlier age, bite correction is much faster.

Heart health and periodontal disease

Gum disease (particularly periodontal disease) is directly related to heart problems. With this disease, the gums become loose and very sensitive and begin to bleed. Through wounds on the gums, various infections can enter the bloodstream, which are the cause of bacterial endocarditis (disease of the inner lining of the heart).

When released into the circulation, the bacteria affect the functioning of the valves and tissues of the heart or give complications to it. Be careful if you suffer:

  • Mitral valve prolapse;
  • Have a heart prosthesis;
  • Defects of the heart;
  • Injuries to the heart valve and muscles of the heart;

So if you have a history of heart problems, tell your dentist about it.

Be healthy and smile with

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