What effect does your angelic (or not so) disposition have on your appearance? A team of psychologists from Monmouth University (New York, USA) conducted a study of the influence of information about a person's character traits on the perceptions of others about his attractiveness.

Participants were shown photographs of people of the opposite sex, asking them to rate their attractiveness before and after talking about the character of the person depicted in the photo. The results of the study, published in the journal "Personal Relationships", showed that information about the character of a person significantly influenced the degree its attractiveness in the eyes of the subjects. People who were recommended from the best side (as sympathetic, honest, kind) were perceived as more attractive, and those with negative character traits (rude, evil, deceitful) – how unattractive.

In other words, our diet has a significant impact on the idea of ​​a person's external attractiveness. Moreover, even the initial opinion expressed by the subjects about the appearance of the person depicted in the photo did not affect the final judgment – that is, we are able to abandon the first impression and admit that we are wrong if we have a positive person in front of us, who, according to internal qualities, is quite suitable for the role of a spouse or friend. "The results of the experiment prove that the character qualities of a person have a significant impact on his attractiveness in the eyes others. They are able to radically change the perception of a person's appearance" – sums up the author of the study, Gary Lewandowski. 


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