Phyto barrel – this is an individual sauna, which is made of cedar, known in folk medicine due to the large amount of useful substances – phytoncides. These substances are able to suppress the reproduction of harmful microorganisms. In combination with a decoction of medicinal herbs, the effect of such a procedure is enhanced: the body is cleansed, metabolism is activated. With regular use of the cedar phyto barrel, the state of health improves significantly, and the skin becomes soft and supple.

Some people cannot be in a bath or sauna at all due to the fact that during such procedures it is difficult to breathe and not everyone can withstand more than 5 minutes in the steam room. In a cedar phyto barrel, everything is much simpler – while your body is completely wrapped in healing steam, your head is outside. In this regard, the procedure does not cause the slightest discomfort – a person calmly sits on a bench built into a phyto-barrel and simply enjoys, and at this time his body is healing.

Benefits of cedar phyto barrel: perfect skin and good health

This procedure helps not only improve appearance, but also improve health.

Getting rid of excess weight initially occurs due to the removal of excess fluid from the body, however, subject to the regular use of this procedure, burning excess fat will become possible due to the activation of metabolism.

Improvement of the skin condition occurs due to improved blood circulation – it becomes smooth and tender. But the best thing for women is that this procedure helps to say goodbye to cellulite. In addition, the healing power of herbs that enter the skin through steam is approximately 40% more effective than infusions taken internally.

Cleansing of the body occurs due to the removal of toxins along with sweat.

Treatment of diseased joints and osteochondrosis is provided for the reason that the phytobarrel is a thermal procedure. Warming up the body promotes a speedy recovery.

The cedar barrel helps to overcome chronic fatigue and get rid of insomnia. Through the enlarged pores on the body, useful substances are absorbed, which contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes and the improvement of the functioning of all organs and systems. Due to this, a person begins to feel much better. This treatment has a calming effect and is great for relieving stress after a busy day.


The procedure goes like this:

  1. Skin Cleansing – you should take a shower, preferably with scrubs.
  2. A person sits on a bench inside a phyto-barrel, while the head remains outside. In total, a session in a cedar phyto barrel lasts 15-20 minutes. During this time, about half a liter of fluid is removed from the body and 600 g of weight is eliminated.
  3. To restore the water balance after the procedure, you should drink herbal tea. By the way, you do not need to take a shower after the cedar phyto barrel – the effect of the active substances of the herbs that have settled on the skin will continue for several more hours.

Herbs for cedar phyto barrel

The classic medicinal composition of the cedar phyto barrel is the collection of such herbs: chamomile, St. John's wort, hermit, yarrow, mint, oregano, clover, nettle, thyme, wormwood and knotweed.

Motherwort, nettle and chamomile act as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents. Wormwood and yarrow have a mild analgesic effect. Mint and St. John's wort have an antispasmodic effect, and oregano helps to increase the body's immune defenses.

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In order to normalize the nervous system, lavender, rosemary, hops, geranium and lemon are used. Oils and decoctions of eucalyptus, fir, pine and tea tree are suitable for the treatment of colds. All kinds of imperfections on the skin are eliminated with decoctions of birch leaves, celandine, chamomile, calendula and string.

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