Despite the fact that representatives of the strong half of humanity prefer not to show their emotions, fearing to appear insufficiently courageous, psychologists say that men love to hear affectionate words in their direction. However, before you compliment your chosen one, you should figure out what phrases you will please him with and what words will be offensive to men. So, Estet-portal figured out how to find the golden mean and give the most pleasant compliments to men.

How to compliment a man

What unites all men without exception, regardless of their status and habits? Proof of your own worth! And the direct task of every wise woman – encourage, support and raise his self-esteem. But it is worth remembering that there are words that are quite offensive to men and it is important for women to know when it is better to remain silent.

First, let's figure out what every man wants to hear? What kind of compliment can make him subconsciously reach out to you and feel comfortable and confident around you? Remember, dear women:

  1. Each, even the most infantile man, in everything and always looking for confirmation of his own strength, evaluation of "tribal" qualities. Therefore, even simple remarks like "How strong you are" will be insanely pleasant to him. And let him not show it, you know, it's true!
  2. Assess his words, actions and gifts, accompany with a sincere smile with the good old "Darling, it was incredible!". The same compliment is recommended for a man in bed.
  3. Praise that emphasizes sexuality, — the next favorite theme of the stronger sex. "I've never felt so good" and "This is the best sex I've ever had" are acceptable, especially if they are true or the setting is conducive to such quivering confessions.
  4. Sense of humor — the main indicator of the mind. Therefore, it is pleasant for every man to present himself as a person who is able to surprise with his wit. Laugh at his jokes and reinforce the result with a compliment "Honey, I just laughed! I still can't forget what you said..."
Sense of humor — the main indicator of the mind.
  1. Refer to the classics. A great example of a proper compliment — episode from The Legend of Zorro, in which Catherine Zeta-Jones flattered the villain in order to save herself: "When you are so close, my breath hitches." In such a situation, any man will lose his will.
  2. Aerobatics in the format of a compliment — the ability to convince a man to do something the way you want. To do this, try something like: "Of course, I do not insist, you just do it better than others!"
  3. It is worth noting that such phrases are not only possible for a man to say, but also necessary. Their use will help melt even the strongest heart.

Injurious words for men

We figured out the compliments to a man that you can use for any member of the stronger sex. Now it’s worth understanding what absolutely cannot be mentioned in a conversation with your man. So here is this list of taboos:

  1. Diminutive words. You can be a bunny and a baby, but not your man. This is especially true when using such words in the presence of strangers.
  2. Plains and vulgarities like "you're dressed so cool" or "what cool sneakers you have" are not compliments.
  3. Insults and pointing out mistakes in front of outsiders, and especially in front of his friends.
  4. Memories of former lovers. Comparing aloud your current partner with your ex is especially dangerous.
  5. Criticism of his relatives and their behavior. Especially mothers.
  6. Questions "Do you love me?" or worse "Will you marry me?"

These are basic phrases that are best avoided when talking to your loved one, as they – offensive words for men. Of course, each situation may have its own taboo phrases, and those described by us can be used quite habitually.

Men need compliments just as much as women, and sometimes even more. After all, a man needs constant support, and who, if not a beloved woman, can provide it. Therefore, dear ladies, take care of your gentlemen and give them your warmth and care. The editors of wish you to love and be loved!

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