Неприятные ощущения во время секса: почему появляются и как от них избавиться

Intimate life is an important moment in a couple's relationship. But sometimes it happens that everything is fine with feelings, but not so much with feelings – . It is when the discomfort during sex spoils one of the most enjoyable activities, and relationships begin to deteriorate. But what to do in such a situation?

What causes discomfort during intimacy? The editors of estet-portal.com decided to look into this issue today, and here are the conclusions we came to.

Why do I have discomfort during sex

Unpleasant sensations during sex are often signs of intimate problems that need to be addressed with a gynecologist. The main reasons for the appearance of discomfort include:

  1. A fungal or bacterial infection. The sensitivity of the vaginal microflora to changes in the body is extremely high. The weakening of the immune system can be followed by the multiplication of bacteria and fungi, to which the mucous membrane of intimate places reacts with the formation of cracks, an unpleasant odor and discomfort.

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  1. Inflammations. If a chronic sexual or respiratory infection is not completely suppressed, one of the complications of such a disease is vaginitis, the clinical manifestations of which are characteristic pains in the lower abdomen and spasms.
  2. Allergies. If there is pain, swelling, burning and itching during intimacy, latex allergy, which occurs in one in five women, is a possible trigger for these symptoms. Therefore, a competent choice of contraceptives – pledge of pleasant sex.
  3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We cannot always keep up with the frantic pace of life, as a result of which we involuntarily deny ourselves simple and necessary pleasures. Constant tension and worries do not allow you to relax as much as possible.

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We'll look at:

  • what are lubricants and who needs them;
  • how to choose a lubricant.

What are lubricants: do they help get rid of discomfort during sex

It is worth noting that against the background of problems of this nature, the absence or insufficient amount of natural lubricant can spoil sexual relations. In such cases, the use of special lubricants will help – lubricants.

Lubricant is intended for use in the absence or lack of natural lubrication.

What is a lubricant

Many people have heard about lubricants, but not everyone is ready to admit that they do not know about the purpose of this product. And it is designed to eliminate discomfort during sex. The term lubricant means in principle the same thing as a lubricant. That is, these funds are designed to facilitate sliding and reduce friction.

In the sexual aspect, an intimate gel (the second name of a lubricant) is used as a replacement for natural lubricant or to fill its lack. This tool is able to facilitate and diversify intimate life. But his choice must be approached with all responsibility.

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How to choose an intimate gel that will relieve discomfort during sex

There are several types of intimate gels. They differ in the ingredients that make up the product and the place for which they are intended.

When choosing a lubricant, it is important to consider its purpose, the preferences of the sexual partner and possible contraindications

The following are the types of lubricants:

  • Exciting. The composition of such gels contains substances that slightly irritate the mucous membrane of intimate places, increasing local blood circulation and increasing sensitivity.
  • Prolongators. Lubricants-prolongators are used to prolong the pleasure during sexual intercourse. They, unlike exciting ones, reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis and, accordingly, prevent premature ejaculation.
  • Flavourful. By the name, you can guess that these products are used for oral sex. Such lubricants are characterized by a variety of taste and smell. When choosing a drug, be guided by a partner, because the reaction to odors is different for everyone.
  • Anal. These  specific drugs contain substances that relax the anal muscles. Some of them contain analgesics that relieve pain. Such lubricants are used only to prevent discomfort during anal sex.

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But remember that intimate gels often contain substances that can cause allergies. There are also intimate problems in the presence of which lubricants cannot be used. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor before resorting to lubricants. The editors of estet-portal.com wish you a healthy sexual relationship!

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