This year, the IX cycle of scientific and practical conferences "Portrait of a Difficult Patient" was held, dedicated to the topic "Sex and everything connected with it". 11 reports were presented on behalf of leading specialists in the field of gynecology, cosmetologists, sexology, andrology and plastic surgery.

In the article you can read the summary of the report of the Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the President of the Ukrainian Association of Andrology of Sexual Medicine, sexopathologist-andrologist Nikolay Boyko.

Nikolay Boyko revealed the secrets of his work in the topic: "Male attractiveness and sexual disorders".

Origin of male  sexual dissatisfaction

N.B.: "Everything should be beautiful in a person" — wrote Anton Chekhov, I believe that this phrase is the slogan of modern aesthetic medicine, and since dermatologists today have expanded the range of their capabilities, working even with female genital organs, then, of course, as an andrologist, I could not leave men aside from a comprehensive and all-consuming era of beauty and health, therefore I work & nbsp; in this direction for about 15 years.

In andrology all therapeutic interventions can be divided into the following main areas:

  1. Improvement of function (erection, ejaculation, urination in the presence of medically confirmed pathology);
  2. Improve aesthetic appearance and functionality (in the absence of overt pathology).

Sometimes patients come to us with psychological problems, low self-esteem, "locker room" syndrome; — unconscious / conscious comparison of one's own genitals with the bodies of colleagues in the locker room in order to confirm the feeling of one's inferiority and the subsequent formation of distress.

As a result of distress, an inferiority complex is formed,  fixation on their own organs and ultimately — syndrome of penile dysmorphophobia.

Penile Dysmorphophobia Syndrome is characterized by dissatisfaction with normal genital organs. However, such a condition is not always a pathology and most often, especially in the conditions of modern society, reflects the physiological need of a person to improve his image.

The desire of a person to improve his image is not a pathology.

How important is "improvement" to a woman? men  sexual organs

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N.B.: Women may experience enlargement and improvement in the appearance of a man's genitals. According to statistical studies in the Czech Republic, 30% of women considered a larger penis in diameter to be more attractive and effective in terms of achieving sexual satisfaction.

The large size of the genitals causes a kind of respect, admiration and excitement in a woman.

This fact comes from the era of primitive society, when a woman chose her partner and future father of children according to external signs.

And the most important thing for a woman: a man who is self-confident is more confident in sexual intercourse. This is due to the partner's lack of concentration on his inferiority complex during intimacy, but full participation in the process itself.

One cannot ignore the fact that a woman is not always interested exclusively in high-quality sexual intercourse, but the psychological background itself, gentle treatment, attentive attitude and love are necessary and integral factors.

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What arsenal of help can you offer to the patient

N.B.: Of course, the therapeutic approach is multi-profile: psychologists, therapists, plastic surgeons and, of course, andrologists make an equal contribution, coordinating all areas of correction.

We use a wide range of options, from psychotherapy to surgical interventions.

Only a highly individualized and multidisciplinary approach can ensure success in such a delicate matter as the correction of a man's intimate organs.

The choice of tactics depends on the specific reason:

  • decrease in desire requires hormonal therapy (e.g. testosterone);
  • violation of erection implies the use of medical correction (for example, sildenafil, tadalafil);
  • premature ejaculation can be corrected by other medications;
  • dissatisfaction with external parameters can be leveled by instrumental methods (for example, traction);
  • the absence of a positive effect from instrumental correction requires the use of surgical intervention (for example, prosthetics of the penis, installation of a matrix of polylactic acid soaked with platelet-rich plasma, the introduction of fillers with hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid, adipose tissue).

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Is there a "male menopause"

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N.B.: "Male menopause" exists, but it is extremely different from the female menopause in the absence of a sharp decrease in the hormonal supply of the genital organs. A man experiences a gradual decrease in sex hormones, starting from the age of 30-40 until death.

"Male menopause" acts in terms of «andropause», «age-related androgen deficiency» and "late hypogonadism".

Various diseases can accelerate the depletion of male sex hormones. Such factors are: obesity, smoking, intoxication, taking certain drugs.

Pause the process can:

  • healthy lifestyle;
  • sports;
  • diet;
  • full sleep;
  • vitamin therapy;
  • drug hormone therapy.

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