A girl should always look perfect. But it’s not often that we get to give ourselves a lot of time. That is why we decided to tell you how you can always be on top, even if there is no time at all.

In this article you can find the secrets of self-care. We have selected for you the most interesting of them. Here you will find tips for caring for your hair, face and eyes.


1. When the dark roots of the industry, and there is no time to go to the master, then instead of a straight parting, you can make a zigzag. Thanks to him, the dark roots will not be so visible.

2. If your hairstyle lacks volume, then you can make a thick bang. It will visually add volume to the hairstyle. But the torn bangs, on the contrary, visually reduce it.

3. In order for the hair to fall out less, they need to be combed properly. It is best to comb each strand separately first. Only after that you can comb your hair completely.

4. In order for the hair to have a natural shine, they must be thoroughly washed. During washing, the hair should be rinsed with cold water. It is better to rinse the tips with ice water so that they do not split.

5. If you want your hair to have a pleasant smell of perfume, but the shampoo does not give the desired effect, you can use a perfumed hair spray. But remember that you can not replace it with perfume, because they contain alcohol, which dries out the hair.



1. In order to remove sebum and remove oily sheen, the skin needs to be moisturized and a little powdered before applying makeup. This way you can keep your make-up longer.

2. The health and beauty of the skin is directly dependent on how much we sweat. Use special wipes for the face during the day, which will remove sweat, dirt and sebum from the skin. For this, 15 minutes a day may be enough for you.

3. Nude eye pencil will help in correcting the lines of the face. In order to visually reduce the nose, you can draw a pencil along its back. And in order to visually enlarge the lips, you need to draw a pencil line on the edge of the upper lip before applying lipstick.

4. Every skin type needs hydration. It is a mistake to think that oily skin does not need to be moisturized. On the contrary, if it is moisturized, it will be less oily. It is best for this type of skin to choose a product that does not contain oils.

5. Facial skin requires regular care. It must be carried out daily and according to the principle: cleansing – toning – humidification.



1. In order for the shadows to stay on the eyes better, you need to powder the eyelids a little before applying them. And to make the color more vivid, the shadows should be applied with a damp brush.

2. Sleeping on high pillows will help you get rid of swelling under the eyes in the morning.

3. Eyebrows need to be highlighted and made thicker. Remember that too thin eyebrows can visually add a few years.

4. To relieve swelling from the eyes, you need to attach wet tea bags to them. It is best to use green tea, as it contains more tannin. It is this substance that removes puffiness from the eyes.

5. Do not line the entire eye contour with eyeliner, because this will reduce it. It is correct to draw a contour only until the middle of the century. If the arrow came out too thick, it can be shaded a little.

According to research by psychologists, perfect faces are boring. Perhaps those features that seem imperfect to you are a memorable zest that can attract looks and hold attention? How to find the dignity of your appearance? What to do to draw attention to your highlights so that the flaws are generally invisible?

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