"Tabata Protocol" – interval training system, which was developed in the mid-90s by the Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata. The essence of this method is that in a short period of time you need to perform as many movements as possible. In the article we will describe in detail the features of this approach to training, consider the benefits of the Tabata system and the main exercises using this method.

All about the Tabata protocol: system effectiveness and exercise results

One of the main benefits of Tabata training is that it helps stabilize muscle tissue. Often when dieting reduces muscle tissue, the Tabata system provides a load of muscle tissue in such a way that the body receives a signal that it needs more muscle tissue.

Thus, muscle tissue grows in relation to fat, and if you choose exercises that are aimed at maximizing the muscular system, its amount can be increased in those places where it is needed.

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The effectiveness of Tabata exercises

Due to the regular practice of the Tabata protocol, anaerobic and aerobic endurance of the body is significantly increased, that is, the maximum amount of oxygen consumed during intense exercise or any other physical activity increases. Maximum anaerobic capacity also means the maximum amount of energy received by the body with a lack of oxygen.

The production of anaerobic energy occurs due to the burning of carbohydrates in the absence of oxygen in the blood.

According to Dr. Tabata's research, when doing exercises according to his method 5 times a week for 6 weeks, aerobic endurance increases by 14%, and anaerobic power – by 28%.


To perform exercises according to the Tabata protocol, various sports paraphernalia is used – fitballs, expanders, cardio trainers. You can practice this technique without the use of additional equipment.

Tabata training helps to effectively get rid of excess weight by speeding up the metabolism. Such exercises expose the body to short-term but severe stress. Under the condition of regular use of intensive training, there is an increase in the rate of basic metabolism due to the fact that completely new conditions are set. Since the metabolic rate affects the amount of energy burned by the body at rest, this process promotes fat burning even when you do not exhaust yourself with training.


Tabata Exercises

Tabata Exercise Scheme: 4 minutes – 8 reps, 20 seconds intense (8-10 reps) – 10 seconds break. In principle, any exercise is suitable for the Tabata protocol, the main condition – the ability to perform 8-10 heavy repetitions in 20 seconds. Next, we will talk about the most popular of those.

Squats. This exercise – This is one of the most popular Tabata exercises. The main task of such training is to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. These exercises can be performed using a barbell. Your task – perform the maximum number of squats in the minimum amount of time. In order to increase speed, you can use swinging your arms back and forth in rhythm with squats.


Jumping Rope. In this case, the technique of jumping with high knees is suitable. In fact, this exercise is a very intense running in place, which is complemented by jumping rope. If you already have experience doing interval exercises using the Tabata protocol, you can try doing a double turn of the rope in one jump.

Note that the Tabata Protocol – exercises for more experienced athletes and even they start such training carefully, starting with 1 session per week, giving the body time to get used to. To avoid excessive stress on the heart, you should first consult with your doctor and exercise under the supervision of a fitness trainer for the first time.

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