There are biologically active points on the human body that are responsible for the quality of sleep, appetite, immune system, mental development, and emotional health. Stimulation of these acupuncture points allows you to get rid of neurosis, poor sleep, improve your well-being in the morning and throughout the day, in addition to activate brain activity and improve blood circulation. Read on how to perform self-massage at home using acupuncture points. Massage techniques are borrowed from Chinese medicine and are based on the doctrine of the flow of vital energy in the human body.

What is self-massage

Self-massage at home is performed in the evening before going to bed. Active points on the human body during sleep can become clogged, as a result of which the energy flow is distorted and health deteriorates.

Stimulating these points before going to sleep will help prevent channel blockage, improve blood circulation in the body, strengthen the heart, relieve mental and emotional stress, and improve metabolism.

Massage is performed with warm palms, which are pre-rubbed to release energy and direct it in the right direction during stimulation.

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Performing self-massage at home: 12 exercises

  1. Bai Hui Point. This point is located at the crown. With your palm, perform circular movements (4-5 cm in diameter), while rubbing the top of your head clockwise or against it. Focus on fig. 9-21. It is necessary to make 50 rotations around this point.
  2. Imitation of the process of washing the face with hands. Place your palms on your face. With vertical movements, massage your face with your hands (up and down) – about 30 seconds (See Figure 9-22).
  3. Ying-hsiang points. They are located on either side of the wings of the nose. Place your index or middle fingers on these points and massage them for 20 seconds, as in Fig. 9-23.
  4. Knead the active points on the ears. Grasp the tips of the ears with your fingers and close the passage with the auricles, then return the auricle to its normal position (Fig. 9-24). It is necessary to perform 50 such movements.samomassazh-v-domashnikh-usloviyakh-izbavlyaemsya-ot-khronicheskikh-boleznej
  5. Feng Chi Points. They are located on the back of the head – rice. 9-25. Rub these points with your middle fingers in a circular motion. Make 50 circles.
  6. Jian Ching points are located on the shoulders – rice. 9-26. First, massage the point on the left shoulder with your index and middle fingers – 50 times, then in the same way massage the point on the right shoulder – 50 times.
  7. Points on the chest and abdomen. The Qi-hai point is located just below the navel, and the Tan-chung point is located in the middle between the chest. Place the left palm below the navel, and the right – in the middle of the chest (between the nipples). Simultaneously move your hands, describing an arc: the left hand massages the abdomen and rises to the Tan-zhun point, the right hand massages from the other side of the abdomen and goes to the Chi-hai point. This counts as one exercise. The second time, go the same way, but in the opposite direction. It is necessary to perform 50 such movements. Focus on fig. 9-27.
  8. Massage of acupuncture points on the back and lower back. Clench your hands into fists and bring them behind your back so that they are located with the back of the hand and adjacent to the lower back. There should be a distance of 6-7 cm between the fists. Move up the back, massaging both sides of the back in a circular motion. Then relax your arms and return to the starting position – rice. 9-28. It is necessary to perform 50 such movements.samomassazh-v-domashnikh-usloviyakh-izbavlyaemsya-ot-khronicheskikh-boleznej

Rules for self-massage before bedtime

Self-massage at home acupuncture points should be performed strictly according to the rules so as not to disrupt the flow of energy and not harm the body:

  1. Before self-massage, take a shower or bath, thoroughly cleansing the body. Perform the exercises while sitting on the bed, taking off all your clothes, except underwear.
  2. Do not make breaks between exercises, one exercise should smoothly pass into another.
  3. To stimulate the Ying Xiang and Feng Chi points, apply force to feel a slight soreness. Only during a back massage, if there is no strength in the hands, can you take a short break.
  4. Time to complete may vary depending on individual pace and exercise experience. Average time to complete – 10 minutes.
  5. It is not recommended to perform these exercises for pregnant women, also in the presence of exacerbated forms of various diseases, with elevated body temperature.

Self-massage at home allows you to relax before going to bed, fall asleep soundly, recover overnight and start the day with ease and vigor.

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