Секреты ухода за ногтями от голливудских мастеров

How many times have you heard the phrase "a girl's hands are her calling card"? We are willing to bet that she is already pretty tired of everyone, but because of this she has not become less truthful. Manicure gurus agree to sign under it, in whose professional palms are the hands of Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus and other celebrities. But you don't have to be eminent professionals yourself to give yourself a beautiful manicure or organize proper nail care. According to estet-portal.com, you can simply follow their recommendations.

Is regular hygienic manicure required for nail care

Pros advise making it an essential part of your hand care routine. Try to devote time to this every 10-15 days, even if the nails have not yet reached the required length. You can go to the salon or save time and money by getting a manicure at home. To do this, you do not need a whole arsenal of tools. Get a basic set from online store PARFUMS.UA: a nail file, scissors, tongs and an orange stick.

When caring for your nails, forget about gel polishes and shellacs

Don't use shellac or gel polish on your nails for a while. Let the thinned nail plate rest and gain strength. For example, the famous manicure and pedicure master Bastien Gonzalez is categorically against this beauty procedure: “Even ordinary varnishes are something like decorative cosmetics” hellip; You don't wear eye shadow and blush for weeks, do you? Even if you do not agree with this point of view, you should not forget that the removal of varnish and gel coatings should be approached wisely. Use special liquids with a gentle composition for this and take care of your nails after the session.

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When taking care of your nails, don't trim your cuticles

More and more masters of the highest class prefer European – without cutting tools, but using cuticle oil. This product perfectly softens cuticles and makes it easy to remove them with an orange stick.

For a beautiful manicure, the size of the nails is not the main thing

Do not chase the length of your nails, because in doing so you risk losing that very carefully grown nail. Monitor the condition of the nail plates and, based on it, adjust the size. Moreover, the boom for long sharpened nails has already passed, now neat medium length and neatness are in fashion.

Don't forget to nourish your nails inside and out

Moisturizing is never too much. Not only our face needs it, it is also necessary for hands. For skin, use a nourishing cream, and for nails, use olive oil. The founder of the brand Essie nail cosmetics Essie Weingarten advises to first let the fingers soak in a salt or milk bath, and then apply the oil.
But all the previous advice will not give positive results until you take care of the body from the inside. Prioritize healthy food. Include foods with vitamins A, B, C, E, as well as calcium and iron in your diet. Drink plenty of fluids, exercise, and don't neglect sleep.

With these simple tips and the use of nail care products from the PARFUMS.UA online store, your hands will look well-groomed, with a neat manicure, causing the opposite sex to have a passionate desire to kiss them. Well, nobody canceled the envy of girlfriends!

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