Think you know everything about hair styling? Such confidence is understandable: it is difficult not to become practically a pro in what you have to work on every day. Still, stylists have a lot of secrets in store that can pleasantly surprise and delight every beauty. For example, what is it that they do with our hair in beauty salons, that the styling stays great all day long, retaining its shape, and the hair itself is shiny… At home, doing this, not knowing what's what, is not very successful. will share simple, fast and effective advice from professional hairstylists.

Hair styling secrets: what you need to know to do it well

Actually, any woman can do a styling that will last all day perfectly.

BLOCKCODE: Everything will work out if you skillfully use the secrets of professionals. But these secrets, of course, need to be known.

  • First of all, you should wash your hair properly, while using a small amount of shampoo (about 1 teaspoon) and paying attention to their quality cleansing, as well as head massage. Carefully distribute the product over the hair and massage the scalp with your fingertips. In addition, try to wash your hair in the shower, setting its watering can higher: water jets will additionally detangle the curls while you, washing your hair, gently sort through your hair with your hands.
  • Perhaps the main secret of stylists – the use of a powerful hair dryer (acceptable minimum – from 1500 watts), which implies the presence of different modes. Only such a "tool" allows you to achieve the desired result, because the hair should be dried for a long time and dry: on wet hair, styling does not last long.
  • Giving extra volume to the hair requires double drying. To begin with, mousse is applied to the curls, then they are dried, after which the styling product is applied again, and the hair is dried already with a hairstyle.
  • Professionals advise not to dry against hair growth, than "sin" many ladies. When styling, direct the hair dryer to the ends of the curls: this way the hair will better hold the volume.


  • Blow-drying should preferably be completed on a cool air setting. Thus, the scales on the hair are closed and aligned, which helps to maintain its smoothness and silkiness. In this case, the styling itself will be "long-playing".
  • It is also important to know the following: when styling your hair, change the hand in which you hold the hair dryer. At first, of course, it will not be very convenient, but this is a matter of habit. But the effect is waiting for you impressive – your hairstyle will always look symmetrical.
  • If you have a party with incendiary dances, then bouffant will help to keep the dizzying volume. Do not be afraid to do it: if done correctly, it will not damage the hair. Hair can even significantly transform you. So, first comb your hair at the roots with a comb, then comb your hair with a soft brush.
  • When fixing your hair, you should remember the following: if you have thin hair, then spraying with varnish from above, you will simply “beat” her to the crown. But it is worth spraying the lower layers of curls with a fixing agent with the head bowed down, and the hairstyle will receive volume, avoiding excessive heaviness.
  • It is important to learn how to use your fingers when final styling (after applying hair fixatives). Comb can easily damage the almost finished creation, but fingers, on the contrary, will help give it the desired look.

And one more important aspect: "conjuring" over styling, do not do this in the bathroom – leave the room with high humidity, because otherwise all your efforts will quickly come to naught.  

The above tips from hairdressing professionals will help you successfully bring beauty without visiting the salon. Make sure it's easy.

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