Симптомы плоскостопия у взрослых — как определить и лечить болезнь

Flat feet — This is a disease that provokes problems with the back, posture and legs. With age, it is difficult to treat, so if you notice the first symptoms of flat feet in adults, then treatment should be started immediately.

You can do some simple exercises preventively to avoid trouble in the future. It is especially important to carry out prevention for children, because during the active growth of the foot, the chances of getting flat feet are much greater.

Symptoms of flat feet in adults — how to determine the onset of the disease yourself

Usually, flatfoot doesn not show itself until it is in running. There are two types of flat feet: longitudinal and transverse. With transverse flat feet, the line of the pillow under the fingers is aligned and  reduced, and with longitudinal flatfoot, the line from heel to pillow is reduced.

At home, you can determine the condition of the feet in a simple way. Wet your feet and stand on a dry sheet of paper. You will receive prints by which you can preliminarily diagnose whether there is an illness. But full diagnosis should be carried out by a doctor.

The disease can make itself felt through pain and discomfort in calves, knees and lower back. Frequent swelling and curvature of the big toes are also characteristic of flat feet. The feet perform cushioning when walking, and when it is broken — the human skeleton suffers, posture may be disturbed and scoliosis may develop.

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Prevention of the development of flat feet in children and adults

If you don't want to get flat feet, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Struggle overweight. Excessive load on the feet will help the disease appear. This is especially true for people with "thin bones".

  • Get rid of heels. We do compel only walking on low soles, but wearing high heels daily also helps in development of flat feet. The heel must not higher than 4 see

  • Choose shoes with flexible soles. At first glance, it seems that the feet are motionless, but this is not so. The gait in  shoes should not change, the feet should move in a natural way.

  • Use orthopedic insoles. This is especially important in  pregnancy, when the body is rapidly gaining weight, but is not ready for such a pace.

  • Go barefoot more often. Feet should rest from shoes that hinder the natural movement of the legs.

In childhood, when the foot is just being formed, it is very important to prevent flat feet. This can be done with the help of massage, orthopedic insoles and dancing. Dance positions for the legs make the feet mobile, help them to develop properly.

Flat feet: what threatens the owners of the disease

The disease itself is not dangerous, but its consequences can cause great harm to the body and the supporting apparatus. When the feet do not spring and move in a limited way, the ankle tendon contracts and atrophies. In this case, the calf muscles begin to hurt. Edema appears, veins turn blue and varicose veins appear. Problems begin with the hip joints, the spine is bent, in some advanced cases it begins to "sag"; the spine and intervertebral hernias appear. 

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Can is it possible to cure acquired flat feet

It is difficult to cure flat feet completely, but reduce — quite possible. After consultation with a doctor, you can be prescribed massages, orthopedic insoles, and even weight loss if you are overweight. It is important to take a course of massage with an orthopedist, but at home you can use special roller massagers or homemade rugs with glued pebbles.

In especially difficult cases, an operation is prescribed. Unfortunately, it is not possible to correct the arch of the foot surgically, but doctors artificially lengthen the ankle tendon. This gives mobility to the foot and reduces the load. The recovery period is quite long. At this stage, it is important to follow the doctor's instructions in order not to get a relapse of the disease.

It is much easier to prevent the development of flat feet than to get rid of it for a long time. Choose the right shoes, watch weight and carry out preventive massages — this way you save yourself from problems with joints and spine.

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