Men who care about their appearance, want to build muscle mass, lose weight, or do both at the same time, may encounter certain difficulties. The fact is that nutrition, as well as the training regimen, must be selected in accordance with the characteristics of a particular person. The body type of men plays an important role in the outcome of training and achieving the desired result.

What are the body types of men

1. Hyposthenic (ectomorph or thin-boned body type)

This body type of men is characterized by thinness, narrow ankles and wrists; the muscles on the body of such men are few in both muscle and fat. Ectomorph figure features:

  • high growth;
  • thin and long bones;
  • long muscle bellies;
  • chest extended;
  • elongated heart and lungs.

A man with a hyposthenic body type has a rather fast metabolic process.

Features of nutrition and training for men with a hyposthenic body type

The breakdown of carbohydrates in the body of an ectomorph is carried out quickly, and the process of protein absorption is difficult. Therefore, ectomorphs are recommended a protein-carbohydrate diet.

The training cycle for an ectomorph should be focused on working out a specific muscle group. This is due to a small supply of energy, characteristic of the hyposthenic body type of a man. It is also worth noting that it is especially difficult for ectomorphs to gain muscle mass.

2. Normosthenic (mesomorph or normal body type)

This type of physique of men is the most "advantageous", since the muscle mass of such men is quite well developed, and the amount of adipose tissue is small. Mesomorph body features:

  • medium height;
  • sufficiently broad and long muscles;
  • bulging chest;
  • broad shoulders;
  • Proportionate length of arms and legs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is one of the representatives of the normosthenic body type of men, demonstrated by his own example that the effect of training is achieved quite successfully.

Mesomorphs can have more varied diets than men of other body types due to a balanced metabolic activity and energy reserves in the body.
In terms of training, two workouts per day, one of which will be shorter, will be effective for mesomorphs.

3. Hypersthenic (endomorph or large-boned male body type)

The characteristic features of the physique of the endomorph are as follows:

  • short stature;
  • abdominal fat deposits;
  • presence of fatty deposits between the shoulder blades;
  • bones are wide and short;
  • muscles are also short;
  • round chest;
  • short neck.

The amount of adipose tissue in endomorphs, respectively, is greater than in men with other body types.
The main problem of endomorphs is the tendency to gain weight, the difficulty with its loss. For this type of physique, it is difficult to build muscles and shape their relief.

Taking into account the metabolic features of the hypersthenic body type, endomorphs are recommended a protein diet, in which the content of fats and carbohydrates should be minimal. The removal of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract will contribute to vegetable polysaccharides and slow carbohydrates.

As for the peculiarities of training, for men with a hypersthenic body type, the most effective will be weights in the evening and its minimization during morning workouts. Also, endomorphs can easily work with different muscle groups throughout the training cycle.

How to determine the body type of a man?

The most commonly used method that allows you to determine the type of physique of a man is to measure the circumference of the wrist of the working hand:

  1. Hyposthenic body type – less than 18 cm.
  2. Normosthenic body type – 18 – 20 cm.
  3. Hypersthenic body type – over 20 cm.

Remember that correct identification of a man's body type is the key to success and effectiveness of training, which must be planned along with a diet that will help a man with a certain body type achieve the desired results – get rid of excess fat and/or build muscle mass.

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