Sooner or later, most people experience pain in different parts of the spine. Today we will talk about cervical osteochondrosis and exercises for the neck, which can prevent the aggravation of this chronic disease and make your life easier. With any chronic disease, you need to learn to "be friends" and try not to provoke the appearance of its symptoms. There are preventive measures for this, let's look at what exercises help relieve symptoms and prevent cervical osteochondrosis  with

When can I do neck exercises

If you have been diagnosed with cervical osteochondrosis, you need to clearly understand that you cannot start classes during an exacerbation of the disease. First you need to remove the pain syndrome, wait until the period of remission comes and get a consultation with the doctor – vertebrologist or chiropractor. 

If you start exercising regularly, it stimulates the nutrition of the intervertebral discs, blood circulation in the muscles of the neck is activated, oxygen starvation in the brain will go away, mobility and elasticity between the vertebrae will improve. You can significantly slow down age-related changes if you systematically perform exercises for the flexibility of the cervical spine.

Which neck exercises are the most effective?

Since cervical osteochondrosis cannot be defeated forever, this is a disease of chronic origin, we will try to minimize discomfort in the neck.  Here are a number of exercises aimed at elasticity and reducing tension in the muscles of the cervical region:

  • Forward bends: Sitting on a chair, place one hand on your forehead and try to tilt your head forward while resisting with your palm. One tilt should last approximately 10 seconds. Rest for a few seconds, repeat 10 times.


  • Turning to the side: slowly turn your head alternately, then to the left, then to the right. The exercise is performed while sitting. Avoid sudden movements. The number of repetitions of the exercise is 10 times.
  • Tilts to the side: rest your palm against your right temple and try to tilt your head to the right, trying to resist with your palm. We do 10 seconds. We do 10 slopes. We do the same in mirror image.
  • Standing. Hands straight along the body. We tilt the head forward, as low as possible to the chest. After a few seconds, we straighten up, do not rush. 10 reps is enough. The same exercise can be done by tilting the head back.
  • Try to apply self-massage at the junction of the head and neck with your fingers or a special massager. Run 3-4 minutes.


  • Take a small ball, turn your back to the wall and press against it. The ball is on the back of the neck. Try to move intensively, you can use circular motions so that the ball massages the entire cervical spine. Adjust the force of pressure yourself, depending on your feelings.
  • Raise your shoulders: standing, arms along the body. Raise your shoulders as high as possible up and stay in this position for a few seconds. Let's go slowly, don't rush. The number of repetitions is from 10 to 12 times.

Learn to do all exercises slowly and smoothly without sudden movements and significant efforts.  After gymnastics, try to relax and bring your breathing back to normal.

These simple, but quite effective exercises on the shoulder of anyone. If during the execution of the complex the head begins to spin – stop and rest. To consolidate the positive effect, it is necessary to conduct classes regularly.

In any case, consult with a specialist first before starting any neck exercises.

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