ВВ-крем, СС-крем, DD-крем и матирующий крем: плюсы и минусы

Ladies who care about their appearance have not yet had time to get used to the idea that it is time to switch to BB creams, as cosmetic concerns have proposed an innovation — CC creams. Who did not have time to buy — can immediately jump to DD. But the manufacturers don't seem to stop there either — they say ee-cream is coming.

Well, there are many more letters in the alphabet… But while the creams of these series are available to us, let's see: what is their charm, what is the difference from each other? what are they good for? to whom and why is it better to use, for example, the letter "bi" and not "si"? Our portal will tell you in detail about this, as well as about how the "letter" creams are different from the more familiar to us matting «tonalka».

To put it briefly: BB-cream improves complexion, CC-cream obscures irregularities, skin imperfections, DD-cream has a pronounced anti-aging effect, and matting — corrects tone, ideal for oily, problematic skin. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The most interesting and significant, as you know, is hidden under water. Now we will dive in there and find out all the ins and outs of fashionable creams.

BB cream: subtle concealment of imperfections and hydration

BB creams owe their success to their versatility, as they combine the properties of a base, moisturizer, sunscreen and corrector that evens out the complexion, conceals imperfections, and gives the skin radiance. In this they are a bit similar to well-known matting creams. But the difference is that in matting there is more emphasis on care, and in BB — for toning.  

Although the career of BB-creams in Europe is recent, they were created half a century ago by a German dermatologist as a skin care product after chemical peels. The antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and corrective properties of the cream made it possible to hide the traces of peeling and accelerate the processes of skin regeneration.

So the transcript of BB — Beauty Balm — concealer — quite justified. The cream is good for summer: it protects the skin without "burdening" it. its light texture. Ideal for young ladies who do not yet need a serious "disguise" skin imperfections. Fans of this product in positive reviews note that one cream replaces their moisturizer, foundation, makeup base and corrector. 

CC Cream: Color Correction and Control

This series is referred to as an improved, improved version of BB creams. What is the improvement? The consistency of the product is similar to the "precursor". The effect of its use is almost the same: it nourishes, moisturizes and masks, but it already masks “in an adult way”: it can hide serious skin imperfections, which the “bibishka” cannot do. At the same time, the texture of the CC cream remains light and delicate.

This remedy is suitable for owners of problematic, unhealthy skin color: sensitive, mature, with vascular network, acne pigment spots. Depending on the composition, CC creams can give the skin either a matte finish or shine. Title — Color Control, Color Correcting (correction, color control) — fully corresponds to the qualities.

DD-cream: active rejuvenation

At the moment, the youngest of the glorious brothers, already available on the market in many countries. The name speaks for itself: Dynamic Do-all — loosely translated "cream that does everything." He nourishes, and cares, and moisturizes, and masks, and even better than the "big brothers". But the main advantage of the product is its active anti-aging effect: it fights the signs of aging and even masks fine wrinkles, and also brightens the skin.

Designed for mature, nourished and nourished skin that has something to hide.


Matifying foundation: hides everything!

And yet, many prefer to remain faithful to the proven "tonak". Owners of oily skin appreciated its advantages in full — thanks to him, all day long, such skin looks even, neat, smooth, without unaesthetic excessive shine, since the cream absorbs sebum. The tool perfectly evens out the tone, narrows the pores and has a drying effect on skin inflammation. Possessing a rather thick texture, the matting foundation is applied in a thin layer and lays down evenly — all thanks to the fact that there are no oils in its composition.

According to user feedback, the disadvantages of — the need to apply a special tool to remove the matting cream — with silicone or oil base. Since it is quite dense, the usual "washer" won't take him. The matting foundation should be used with caution by owners of dry skin: it is difficult to distribute it evenly on such an epidermis, and the appearance may be untidy. Therefore, for girls whose skin is not oily, a mattifying foundation should be mixed with a nourishing agent for dry skin before use.

An unequivocal answer to the question "Which of these creams is better?" does not exist. All are good: each for a specific need. With minor skin imperfections — BB, with problematic — SS, for age — DD, for oily — mattifying foundation.

Choice of skin care products — huge. To decide which one to give preference to, you need to carefully analyze all the pros and cons of each, study your skin well, understand what it needs, what you want to achieve, and not buy a certain cream just because it is fashionable, people talk about it and many want. Your face needs careful care — give him this.

We hope that with the help of the advice of our portal, the choice will be easier, which means that your skin will shine with health, beauty and youth!

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