10 привычек, помогающих похудеть

The fight against excess weight involves not only reducing calories and going out on a treadmill every night. There are many useful habits, having developed which, you can achieve success, says Ekaterina Mirimanova, the author of the "Minus 60" system.

1. The right attitude. Forgive yourself for all the failures in nutrition, the wrong lifestyle that you led and start moving in the right direction.

2. Self confidence. It is impossible to achieve the desired result without faith in one's own strengths. If the thought is spinning in your head that you will not succeed, — chase her. And at the same time, revise the thought forms and leave only those that will stimulate you.

3. Harmony in everything. So, for example, many exclude carbohydrates from the diet, hoping to lose weight quickly, and thereby deprive themselves of the necessary energy. Do not rush from one extreme to another.

4. Body workout. There are many simple and at the same time effective exercises that will help you keep your body in good condition without leaving your home. For example, "Dance". Bending your leg at the knee, try to reach it to the elbow of the opposite hand. If you perform daily 20 repetitions on each side, then in this way you can pump the muscles of the arms, legs, abs, back and even chest.

5. Self love. Good genetics allows you to get by with a minimum amount of cosmetics for a long time. But if you want to stay young as long as possible, take care of your body. And the sooner — all the better. To help you — all kinds of cosmetics for face and body.

6. Day and night cream available. The day cream contains an SPF factor that protects the skin from the sun's rays, and the night — more active components.

The action of good creams is definitely needed to look good. If you are no longer as young as you would like, you can purchase a cream above the age category to which you belong. For example, if you're 30, don't be afraid to use the one labeled "For 35—40".

7. The use of aromatic oils will achieve a better result. For example, if you add a few drops of rose oil to your face cream, it will make your skin softer and improve your complexion.

8. Massage. Many women are deeply convinced that massage can only be done in a specialist's office. But you can stretch your arms or legs yourself.

9. Walks in the open air. Daily walks in the fresh air allow you to get a charge of vivacity. Yes, and it will take a little time: it is enough to get out for half an hour.

10. Rational use of time. Cooking in the kitchen? Do not be too lazy to make a couple of swings with your legs. Are you washing the floor? Bend your spine. Watch TV? Rock the press. A couple of sets with ten repetitions will significantly strengthen the body.

Three-minute gymnastics will help keep fit all year round:


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