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How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and turn off the internal dialogue?

Sometimes after a hectic working day or bright events in life that require a lot of energy and emotions, going to bed in the evening, you again and again return to experienced situations. Each time, scrolling through the events in your head, you turn on your internal dialogue: argue, choose words that you could say, but didn’t say, or simply relive the situation, agrees This process does not allow you to switch off and relax. And how I would like to fall asleep and not return to obsessive thoughts! Today we will teach you how to get in harmony with your own thoughts and feelings.

Why does the internal dialogue process appear?

The thought process goes with us through life and never stops. Upbringing, social norms, religion and our idea of ​​ourselves leave an indelible imprint on him.

But there comes a point when we start to think that something in life is not going the way we would like, and we try to change it. However, this does not always work for us. As a rule, the mind-sets ingrained in conscience

, which this internal dialogue creates, serve as an obstacle.

Often, the internal communication of a person with himself almost does not stop, but is interrupted only for sleep. Even he doesn't realize that this happens all the time.


say that at this moment different forms of our ego communicate in us:
  • child,
  • parent,
  • adult.

This happens because in the subconscious these parts of our "I" always conflict with each other. If one I (for example, the Child) commits some act, the second I (for example, the Parent) condemns him, taking as a basis the laws of the society in which he lives.

From an exoteric point of view, internal dialogue prevents our brains from being flexible and open to new experiences. It seems to hold the perception of the world that we must adhere to, following the usual scenario.

We all know that we ourselves create the world around us. This is not something that actually exists, but how we perceive it, creating it with our own internal dialogue.

The consequences of the internal dialogue

As a rule, when the situation becomes peak and gets out of control, constantly renewing the internal dialogue in our head, it can lead to such negative consequences:
  • inability to focus on one thought,
  • presence of endless mental noise,
  • a state of reflection and constant stress,
  • inability to sleep normally,
  • appearance of causeless fear
  • ,
  • problems making important decisions,
  • self-digging and suspiciousness,
  • thinking is limited,
  • lack of control over one's own thoughts,
  • constant guilt,
  • state of aggression, etc.

Therefore, turning off the internal dialogue is not only possible, but also necessary in order to live a full life.

Exercises to stop the internal dialogue

There are many ways to get rid of obsessive thoughts that control our behavior and mood. Techniques for achieving inner silence are divided into:
  • mental,
  • physical.

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Psychic techniques to achieve silence in thought

If you like to draw pictures in your mind and visualize everything, then the following techniques will suit you:
  • Imagine an object. Choose for yourself any object that you like (a ball, a car, a book), there is no difference. Now imagine this subject with precision to the smallest detail. Relax before doing this exercise. The more real this subject you can imagine, the better. Try not to get distracted by other thoughts.
  • Count. Take any large number (like 1000) and start counting down. Think only about numbers.
  • Willpower. If you can, try telling yourself not to think. Use willpower to silence the voice in your head.
  • Stalking. This method is based on following your emotions and feelings during the dialogue, while managing your thoughts.
  • Contemplation. Draw some fantasy world in your imagination and just start contemplating how it functions.


Physical techniques to get rid of internal dialogue

This method uses not imaginary, but really existing objects to achieve inner silence

  • Observation. Make it a habit to look at objects you like, letting your thoughts just flow in the direction they are going. Observe nature, animals, processes.
  • Physical labor. You can distract yourself with sports or housework. Then you will be more busy with the question of how to relax than with your internal dialogue.
  • Meditative practices. This method is the best way to purify thoughts.
  • Sensory deprivation. You turn off one or more senses yourself (you can close your eyes and ears at the same time). But do not abuse this method, the effect will be the opposite.

And how do you stop the flow of obsessive thoughts, share your practice on

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    У меня тоже есть внутренний диалог. И я постоянно боюсь внутри себя говорить что то плохое и он еще больше усиливается. Иногда кажется что этот диалог слышит кто то другой. Мне помогло только лечение нейролептиками в психиатрической больнице. В состоянии ремиссии диалог пропал. Один парень лежал тоже в этой больнице. Он себя постоянно бил по лицу из за этого диалога. Наверное тоже боялся что то плохое говорить внутри себя. Как по мне, если есть навязчивый диалог то лучше обратится сразу к психиатру.

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