7 первых признаков рака, которые часто игнорируют

Often, due to lack of time or money, we ignore going to the doctor, assuring ourselves that health problems – are temporary. But such seemingly minor problems as shortness of breath and a slightly elevated temperature can be the first signs of cancer, which many, unfortunately, ignore. Estet-portal will talk about the symptoms of cancer that people ignore, when they appear, you need to sound the alarm and immediately go to the doctor to avoid the development of a fatal disease.

Sometimes, ordinary things that we attribute to poor self-care or weather changes can signal the presence of a serious and often fatal disease such as cancer. We have prepared a list of symptoms that should be seen by an oncologist if they persist for a long time.

Changes in the shape and color of nails

Dots and dark lines under the nails can be the first signs of skin cancer (melanoma). For example, in the series "Doctor House" this is how doctors managed to make an accurate diagnosis of a woman who had dots under her fingernail. 

If your fingernails suddenly change shape or your fingertips get thicker (a phenomenon also known as drumstick syndrome), this may indicate lung cancer. This symptom is often confused with arthritis. 

Pale or white nails, in turn, can signal liver cancer.

Bleeding gums

If your gums start to ache and bleed, hurt and bruise, go to the doctor immediately. This phenomenon may indicate not only a weakening of the immune system, but also the presence of periodontitis and changes in hormonal levels. If these diagnoses are not confirmed, bruising and bleeding gums may also indicate the development of leukemia.

Back pain

If you haven't lifted any weights or done complex strength exercises lately, and your back pain has appeared and doesn't go away, it makes sense to contact a specialist or at least take an x-ray. Pain in the upper back can be a symptom of lung cancer, in the lower – prostate tumors in men. Girdle pain may be a precursor to pancreatic cancer.

Shortness of breath

It is shortness of breath that goes unnoticed longer than others, despite the fact that it is one of the first signs of lung cancer. Often, patients and doctors look for causes of shortness of breath in other diseases, such as heart disease, while forgetting about the risk of developing oncology.

Unreasonable cough

A classic symptom of lung cancer that goes unnoticed for a long time, especially in smokers, is coughing. It can be dry or wet, accompanied by sputum, but without cold symptoms. Protracted cough – should at least make you urgently undergo a fluorography.


Thyroid and lung cancers are often accompanied by irritability, depression and temper tantrums. However, for patients and patients, this may seem like one of the least characteristic symptoms of cancer. Depression is also often accompanied by dramatic weight loss without any change in diet or lifestyle and lack of appetite.

Slightly elevated temperature

The so-called subfebrile temperature from 37.1 to 37.3 degrees, which lasts longer than 2-3 weeks, should always alert you. Sometimes it can signal problems with the blood or lymphatic system. The first step in this case is to take blood tests – general and biochemical.

Performing any cosmetic procedures or manipulations of the facial area inevitably requires knowledge of the anatomy and topography of the formations of this zone from the specialist. There are several important aspects that the doctor needs to evaluate before starting work:

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