5 привычек, которые восстанавливают клетки мозга

Brain – amazing and most mysterious organ of the human body. It is through him that we get to know the world. But with age, changes occur in it, namely – his nerve cells are destroyed, and irreversibly. The brain is especially affected in people with injuries and in those who smoke, abuse alcohol or have other bad habits. In this case, the flexibility of consciousness is lost. But quite recently, American neuroscientists have discovered the opposite: the nerve cells of the brain are still recovering. In other words, this organ again creates nerve tissues and bridges-connections between them. This process is called neurogenesis. For it to make itself felt, it is necessary for a person to live an active life and constantly stimulate the work of his brain. Good habits contribute to this, which – read in this article.<

Physical activity: the body and brain cells are closely connected


physical activity is vital for a person. They strengthen muscles, improve blood circulation, make the body beautiful, and also allow you to feel truly alive. And physical activity is closely related to neurogenesis. So, with morning jogging, swimming, cycling, exercising in the gym and dancing, our brain is saturated with oxygen. In addition to the fact that purer and more oxygenated blood flows into this organ, stimulation of the production of endorphins is observed. These hormones of joy and pleasure eliminate bad mood and stress, as well as strengthen and tone the nervous system.

Various and balanced diet – good habit for the brain

Sometimes, due to the crazy rhythm of life, there is no time to cook a normal meal. Therefore, many residents of megacities eat cheeseburgers, hamburgers and other goodies rich in saturated fats. But this is another enemy for brain cells. After all, such products slow down neurogenesis. Therefore, special attention must be paid to proper nutrition.

Try to make your diet more low-calorie, but at the same time – varied and balanced, because the body must receive all the nutrients necessary for a normal existence.

Foods containing Omega-3 acids support and activate neurogenesis well.

And since the brain needs energy to work actively, eat something sweet in the morning. Glucose is the source of energy. But this does not mean that you need to lean on harmful cakes, pastries and chocolates. A sweet fruit or a spoonful of honey is just right.

Intimacy – a habit that makes us smarter

Sex is very useful for a person. This physiological process, according to scientists and doctors, relieves headaches, relieves insomnia, strengthens the immune system, and also prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it relieves stress and internal tension, and also rejuvenates. In addition, regular intimate caresses give us a powerful energy charge that stimulates the

brain, including the departments responsible for memory and those parts that we usually do not use.

Scientists from the University of Oxford claim that regular sex life improves brain activity.

Orgasm also helps to increase blood flow to all departments of this organ. During sex, the hormones serotonin and dopamine or oxytocin are produced, which contribute to the creation of new nerve cells in the brain.

Activities that keep our mind flexible

Also, activities that support the flexibility of the mind have a good effect on the work of the brain. These are reading, learning foreign languages, playing musical instruments and traveling. And now everything is in order.

Read. Many people do not read books, preferring to sit in front of the TV and "walk" across the Internet. But in vain. After all, such an activity maintains clarity and flexibility of the mind, reduces stress, improves sleep, develops memory and thinking, thereby restoring brain cells. In addition to this, it rejuvenates and prolongs life. But you can get the true benefit from this activity only if you read not cheap romance novels, but classic literature. Read such books thoughtfully every day for at least a few pages. You will be surprised later how much your thinking will change.

Learning foreign languages – allows you to succeed in your career, work in another country, as well as travel around the world and feel the culture of different countries. In addition, learning foreign languages ​​develops the brain, improves memory, and helps increase concentration.

Playing musical instruments – changes the structure of the brain, improves memory, and also has a positive effect on spatial thinking and speech skills.

Travel. The benefits of travel are undeniable. They not only broaden horizons, but also restore cognitive functions. So, neuroscientists say that while traveling, new neural connections are formed between cells in the brain, which keep the sharpness of the mind, and also resist many diseases, including Alzheimer's disease.

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Meditation – self-immersion that develops the brain

Meditation – a practice that relieves stress and anxiety. And immersion in yourself has a positive effect on brain function. Thus, regular practice develops such cognitive abilities as attention,

memory and concentration. During meditation, the brain produces higher alpha waves, which gradually generate gamma waves. They also stimulate neurogenesis and neuronal communication.

Based on all this, we can conclude that the brain – it is a kind of “sculpture” that is shaped by our actions and daily habits that improve the quality of life.

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