Что произойдёт с организмом, если полностью отказаться от алкоголя

One of the beauties of adult life is the ability to not deny yourself anything. Any party will be more fun with your favorite alcoholic drink in your hands. Of course, we are well aware that in large quantities such drinks are dangerous, but why refuse them completely, if in small doses they are even useful?

Everyone decides for himself. In this article, estet-portal.com will list the things that will happen to the body, if you give up alcohol for good.

What changes will happen to the body if you give up alcohol

If you drink once a month at a celebration, most likely you will not have problems with alcohol (you just need to make sure that the intervals between drinking such drinks do not drastically shorten).

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If you can't give up alcohol by drinking it every hard day at work, and then include alcoholic drinks in your entertainment program on the weekends, it makes sense to reconsider your attitude towards alcohol and health in general.


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If you decide (or have already decided) to give up alcohol, you should expect the following changes in:

  • weight, cholesterol, blood sugar;
  • quality of sleep and brain function;
  • condition of muscles and skin;
  • immune system and reproductive function.

What happens to cholesterol, sugar and  weight if you give up alcohol

Weight Loss – a pleasant side effect refused alcohol. If you give up alcohol, weight control will be easier for three reasons.


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The first reason: alcohol – these are "empty" calories, i.e. they don't give your body the energy it needs, but you get the following liquid calories with each drink:

  • can of regular beer – 154 kcal;
  • a glass of wine (white) – 128 kcal;
  • martini – 295 kcal;
  • whisky and cola – 308 kcal.

Reason Two: When we drink, we eat more junk food. Abandoning a diet after a couple of glasses / glasses of your favorite alcoholic drink is very, very simple: alcohol suppresses the ability to self-control.

What are the benefits of bad habits

Reason Three: When drinking alcohol, the body's first job is to neutralize toxins, so the ingested food is waiting for its turn to come. As a result, fat is not burned properly, but accumulated.

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As for cholesterol, it is not present in alcohol as such. Studies also show that drinking alcohol in small doses can reduce bad cholesterol levels, but once the minimum dose is exceeded, everything changes – low-density lipoprotein levels begin to rise. It is low density lipoprotein that leads to the formation of plaques in the vessels and leads to atherosclerosis.


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Abstain from alcohol to prevent the development of diabetes. The fact is that, in addition to losing the ability to digest food properly, the body also loses the ability to control blood sugar levels if alcohol enters the system.

Studies have shown that alcohol reduces the effectiveness of insulin, causing blood sugar levels to skyrocket, and with regular heavy drinking, insulin resistance and diabetes develop.

How to improve sleep and brain function

Alcohol makes us sleepy, but for healthy sleep it is simply necessary to give up alcohol, and here's why. It prevents the brain from properly resting and recovering. In addition, being a diuretic, alcohol wakes you up through your bladder – and you wake up earlier (or go to the toilet at night – depending on the nature of your sleep).

Bad habits of your subconscious


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In addition, when alcohol circulates in the body, a person often has nightmares.

Decrease in melatonin levels – a hormone that regulates the body's internal clock, leading to disrupted sleep patterns and even insomnia.

Unpleasant consequences for the brain and, accordingly, the well-being of a person emerge from sleep disorders:

  • drowsiness;
  • inability to focus;
  • fatigue;
  • concentration disorder;
  • imbalance of neurotransmitters;
  • forgetfulness.

Most of all, alcohol "beats" on the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, which are responsible for learning, impulse control, problem solving and other subtleties of human behavior.

If you give up alcohol for a couple of months–year, the brain will return to normal.

If you give up alcohol, muscle function and skin appearance will improve

Going to the gym but not seeing muscle gains? Perhaps it's time to give up alcohol, because it interferes with the process of building muscle, interfering with the synthesis of proteins, the production of growth hormone (a key cog in the system of recovery and muscle growth). In addition, those who regularly knock over a glass or two of pain after training are more pronounced than non-drinking athletes.

Skin and smoking: how cigarettes destroy youth

Why is alcohol bad for the skin?

  1. Alcohol robs her of life-giving moisture.
  2. It accelerates the appearance of wrinkles (due to lack of moisture).
  3. Alcohol interferes with the absorption of vitamins A and C, which give the skin a fresh and radiant appearance.

However, alcohol affects not only the skin, but also the hair, which becomes dry and brittle. No alcohol – means to strengthen the immune system and improve reproductive function

Our immune system is weakened by alcohol: its ability to fight disease-causing organisms is reduced. Already 20 minutes after drinking alcohol, a decrease in the protective function of the body is observed.

When it comes to reproductive function and sexual desire, it has long been known that, while alcohol can set you in the right mood, it leads to various kinds of disorders as a result.

How smoking affects oral health  

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Erectile dysfunction, hormone suppression, less intense sensations during sex – problems often faced by men who cannot give up alcohol.

The benefits of quitting alcohol are numerous: weight loss, healthy skin, healthy liver, vibrant sex, healthy sleep, normal sugar and cholesterol levels – so why not give up alcohol today?

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