Йога для женского здоровья: 8 лучших упражнений

According to the World Health Organization, all diseases in the body appear due to circulatory disorders. Due to stagnation of blood, inflammation occurs, tissues change their appearance and shape. Women's diseases that occur in the pelvis are also no exception (naturally, except for infectious ones). Active blood circulation in the pelvic area is hindered by a sedentary lifestyle and inactivity.

Another problem in the pelvic region in women is cellulite, which is related to congestion. It is possible to get rid of such problems with the help of special female yoga, during which the opening of the hip joints is performed.

During classes, you should visualize the bone structure and listen to yourself. Exercises should be performed smoothly.

Women's yoga: exercise description

  1. Pelvic Alignment

Lie on your back and bend your legs, while not pulling your knees to your chin, the sacrum should lie on the floor. Stretch one leg, and hold the one that is bent with your hand. Relax, close your eyes, try to align your bodies in such a way as if both feet are on the floor. Breathe deeply, you should get the impression that the air goes all the way to the pelvis. At the moment when you feel the complete symmetry – switch legs.

  1. Buttock extension

Cross your legs in front of you, take a comfortable position. A small amount of – at home, for these purposes, it is quite possible to use a thick pillow or a rolled blanket. Spread your buttocks with your hands so that only the sitting bones touch the supports. After that, start rotating your coccyxes with micro-movements clockwise. Movements should be slow, you should fully concentrate on the sensations – it is the coccyx that should describe circles. When this sensation is achieved, proceed to perform back and forth movements of the coccyx.

This pelvic exercise is very effective when done regularly – thanks to him it is possible to relieve pain in the lower back, train the muscles of the pelvis.

  1. Butterfly

Sit in a bow tie with your sitting bones on a hill. Try to spread your knees wider to the sides. Take your straight arms back, they should be used as a support, while the back is perfectly flat. Relax the pelvis, feel how, under the weight of the body, the knees sink to the ground. Relax the body completely, the hip joints should open slowly.

  1. Twist

You will need a belt to do this pelvic exercise. The ischial bones are also elevated, straight legs are spread apart. Put the belt on your right foot, the belt itself should be held with your left hand. Exhaling, place your right leg behind your back. Thanks to this twist, the hip compounds will have the opportunity to warm up, and the muscles will be able to relax. Perform this pelvic exercise gently, keeping your back straight. Several twists should be made on each leg.

  1. “Swing”

Get on all fours, place your palms under your shoulders, knees – under the hip joints. The pelvis begins to swing to one side. Thus, all the weight is directed to the ilium, with exhalation it must be directed upwards, and, accordingly, downwards with inhalation. Gradually, the hand joins the swing. Everything should be kept on the pelvis. The same exercise for the pelvis should be repeated for the other leg.

  1. “Stupas”

Spread your feet as wide as possible. Fold your arms in front of your chest or stretch them up. Squat as you exhale, spreading your hips and knees as much as possible to the sides. Pull your pelvis and tailbone forward and down. Important

breathe freely, in the position you should linger for 30 seconds. Thanks to this exercise for the pelvis, the pelvic floor is trained, which is very important for women's health.

  1. Lunges

Now you should go down from pose No. 6, resting your hands on the floor. Do lunges on one side, then on the other side.

  1. “Happy Womb Pose”

Lie on your back, bend your knees. Spread your knees out to the sides a little. Roll the sacrum from side to side, as well as back and forth. Thus, a wonderful massage of the back and spine is carried out. Hold in this position and breathe deeply, in this position the muscles of the pelvic floor relax, and the female reproductive system normalizes. It is noteworthy that this pose is called in women's yoga "happy womb pose".

Women's yoga will help to open the pelvis, improve blood circulation in this area, stretch the muscles, get rid of lower back pain and improve overall well-being.

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