Как лечить воспаление седалищного нерва и как предупредить эту болезнь

Those who are not  lucky to personally "get to know" with sciatica, they know firsthand about the pain that haunts in the moments of exacerbation of the disease. And  those who are only theoretically familiar with this condition often mistakenly believe that inflammation of the sciatica — it is a disease peculiar to the elderly.

So what disease is, why it occurs and how to deal with its unpleasant, and sometimes completely unbearable symptoms? And how to treat inflammation of the sciatic nerve, if it has already begun?

Causes of inflammation of the sciatic nerve: what provokes the disease

Actually, sciatica or sciatica — it is not an independent disease, but a syndrome that accompanies other diseases or conditions.

Everyone knows what a spine is — this is a set of vertebrae that are connected together and provide stability and flexibility to the body, and form a hollow channel through which the spinal cord runs. Pairs of nerve roots branch off from the spinal cord in the area of ​​each individual vertebra, which conduct signals from the spinal cord to various organs and parts of the body, and in the opposite direction. It is in them, in these paired nerves, that the problem lies. With various diseases and injuries of the spine, the nerves can be compressed by the surrounding tissues, and the  start "erroneously" broadcast pain.

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Accordingly, most often sciatica develops in people with osteochondrosis, intervertebral protrusion or hernia, who have suffered a back injury.

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How to treat sciatica: gold standards of therapy

The first thing to know when sciatica flares up — the body should be given maximum rest. This means that physical activity should be completely eliminated, and  physical activity should be limited to minimum — bed rest is most preferable

There is no specific treatment for sciatica. Efforts should be aimed at eliminating the cause of sciatica — for the treatment of the underlying disease that caused the pinched nerve.

All other methods are used to alleviate the patient's condition and reduce the frequency of relapses:

  • Physiotherapy and  exercise therapy. Both of these directions are used only after the acute period has ended. Thermal procedures, electrophoresis, UHF therapy, a special complex of gymnastics — all these methods improve blood circulation in the  pathological zone, normalize the outflow of lymph, relieve swelling of soft tissues and  strengthen the muscular corset of the back, which is very important for the health of the spine.

  • Drug therapy. This direction is used in a complex — the necessary drugs in a particular case are prescribed by a doctor. The list of recommended drugs may include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, diuretics, muscle relaxants. For topical application, alcohol compresses or ointments and  gels with irritating effect — they "attract" blood to skin, diverting   the skin from the inflamed area, and thus reducing swelling and inflammation manifestations.

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The listed methods can be supplemented by others — it depends on the causes of sciatica and on the person general health.

Prevention of sciatica: how to prevent the disease

Unfortunately, until the cause of this condition is eliminated, a complete recovery and cessation of relapses of sciatica cannot be promised. But there are several effective prevention methods that can help reduce the frequency of inflammation episodes.

  • Correct choice of bedding. Orthopedic mattress & pillow — the first thing you should take care of in diseases of the spine. Such accessories provide an anatomically correct position of the body during sleep, which gives the spine the opportunity to rest, and each vertebra — take the correct position in "formation".

  • Reception of group B vitamins. These are the main vitamins that needed by the nervous system in general and the nerve roots of the spine in particular. With sciatica, it is not enough to control that these vitamins are present in the composition of food. See doctor — he will prescribe you medicinal vitamin preparations, which will need to be taken once every 3-6 months.

  • Physical activity. What is categorically contraindicated in "acute" period, it is extremely necessary for remission. But it should be remembered that any physical activity or sport will not suit — you need to perform therapeutic gymnastics, which is aimed at "unloading" lumbar and  sacral spine and  strengthening of the muscular corset. For this purpose, you can contact an exercise therapy instructor who will make an individual complex for you. Some yoga asanas are also useful, but it is important to do the first few yoga or exercise therapy sessions under the supervision of a specialist.

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These methods are as simple as and effective. Use them systematically, treat the underlying disease of the spine, and inflammation of the sciatic nerve will bother you less and less, and one day it will stop making itself felt at all.

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