According to statistics, most of the fair sex do not like the shape and size of their own breasts, especially a small bust. And although the fashion for impressive unnatural breasts has already passed, still today, many ladies worried about this are not averse to increasing this part of the body. But is it worth picking because of a small bust? After all, it is on its owners that collections of fashion designers are sewn, and the type of figure, called androgynous, has become incredibly popular in recent years. In addition, a woman with small neat breasts looks more elegant and younger. Yes, and much of what will look vulgar on larger breasted ladies, owners of small breasts can safely afford to wear to look flirtatious and seductive.

How to get rid of complexes if you have a small bust

The root of most of our complexes about external data – too low

self-esteem. Psychologists say: the foundation of love for oneself is to accept yourself as you were created by nature; it is also the realization that your shortcomings are seen as such only by you, but in fact, they are – your dignity. And it really is.

The modest size of the chest, no matter how you look at it, brings solid advantages to its mistress: it looks great without a bra, does not become shapeless after the birth of a child and feeding.

And as for attractiveness for men, then, first of all, they are still more important than the inner harmony of a woman, harmony with herself, when all this has a beneficial effect on loved ones, including. There are many men who like both fragile women with small breasts and puffy ladies. However, not a single man will remain indifferent when he sees a girl radiating feminine energy and happiness. According to surveys, the size of the female breast is not important for 80% of the male population.


If you still like how your small breasts look in clothes, but only it comes to intimacy, you can’t cope with embarrassment and anxiety, take into account the following: in general, men are not indifferent to this part of the

female body is contrived and exaggerated. In fact, according to the same surveys, they are much more interested in how buttocks of a partner look like. And if you have a toned body and a beautifully shaped part of the body, you can assume that all the trump cards are with you.

And the missing centimeters in the neckline are not difficult to beat using little tricks.

For example, applying silicone lubricant or a small amount of massage oil to it will help to visually enlarge a small bust. To achieve a more tangible result, there are special gels, creams that will increase the bust. Such products increase blood circulation, give elasticity to the skin, and also tighten the contours of those parts of the body to which they are applied.

In addition, plastic surgeons say with confidence that today it is not fashionable to have a too prominent upper body: the chest fades into the background, in the forefront just – buttocks. And proof of that – numerous stellar examples. The accents have shifted: their "rear" women pump hard, correct the shape with fillers, etc. And, on the contrary, the general focus on naturalness in everything makes most women today remove implants inserted during the boom on large breasts.

Take into account the above arguments, because you, the owner of a small bust, should not worry: today is the time when small breasts are a priority, but not a disadvantage.

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