Как уменьшить объем желудка: проверенные способы

Are you overweight and trying to lose weight to no avail? Do you suffer from an unbearable feeling of hunger on any diet and therefore break down ahead of schedule?

Perhaps the lack of results and the feeling of hunger are not due to food restrictions or the wrong diet. Very often the true cause is a distended stomach which causes a person to consume much more food than they need to function properly.

However, there are ways to reduce stomach volume naturally. And for this it is not at all necessary to resort to surgical intervention.

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1. The main reasons for the increase in the volume of the stomach
2. The best methods to reduce stomach volume

Main causes of stomach enlargement

Since the walls of the stomach are made of muscle tissue, if it is often filled with large amounts of food, its volume will increase rather quickly. But the reverse contraction takes weeks.

This is why it is so difficult for people with a distended stomach to stay on a diet lasting 1-2 weeks. During this time, the stomach still does not have time to shrink, therefore, a brutal hunger torments a person, forcing a person to break down again and again.

And gluttony after cutting the diet – this is a big blow to health, metabolism and, of course, the figure. It turns out a vicious circle.

The distended stomach sends signals to the brain even when some food has already been ingested. It's just a reflex, a habit! As a result, a person himself does not notice how he gorges "from the belly", as the people say, that is, he exceeds his normal portion by 3-5 times, or even more.

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The most common causes of gastric distention are:

  • constant overeating;
  • meals less than three times a day (lead to overeating);
  • the habit of drinking food;
  • the habit of eating in front of the monitor (also leads to overeating and increases stomach volume, as the person does not notice how much they have already eaten);
  • the habit of eating in company or eating stress, that is, eating without a real feeling of hunger.

Very often one person has several of these reasons combined.

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The best methods to reduce stomach volume

In almost all cases, if a person is not lazy, it is quite possible to reduce the volume of the stomach on your own at home. Surgical operations are carried out only in severe cases.

However, you need to understand that this process is not quick and easy. So you have to pull yourself together and show real willpower!

Remember: you will not feel the first results immediately, but only after a few weeks.

The right morale will help you survive this time, and then you will see the first fruits of your labor – and you don't want to leave everything halfway.

Proven ways to reduce stomach volume

1. Gradually reduce portions

Although nutritionists believe that the norm of a one-time meal averages 250 g, it is still individual for each person. But there is an ideal way to calculate your personal norm: fold both palms into a boat – this volume (big handful) will be considered your ideal.

However, you need to come to the ideal gradually so that the stomach does not drive you crazy with bouts of hunger.

Nutritionists advise cutting down on your usual serving size by 50 grams every few days until you hit the golden norm.

Your stomach won't notice something as small as 50g, so it will be easier to bear the reduction.

2. Frequent and fractional meals

When you eat only at lunch and in the evening, coming after a hard day's work – there is a great risk that you will not resist and eat all the contents of the refrigerator. Especially if the day was mentally or physically difficult.

Frequent meals (every 2-3 hours) in small portions will not let you get hungry, but will not load your stomach. Moreover, it will speed up the metabolism, helping to lose weight!

Nutritionists recommend 5 meals a day – three main (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two intermediate (second breakfast and lunch).

Breakfast should be hearty and nutritious. For lunch, try to eat not only the main course, but also some light soup, which will give the stomach a feeling of fullness and satiety. Dinner – poultry or fish with vegetables.

Salads, vegetables or fruits, nuts (no more than 30 g at a time), a glass of kefir or natural yogurt are good as snacks in between.

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3. Refusal of drinks during meals

Forget this habit like a bad dream. Nothing stretches the stomach more than liquid poured over solid food. Both water and tea can be drunk no earlier than half an hour after eating (or even better, an hour)!

4. Thorough chewing and focus on food

You may not have time for the golden rule of 32 chews per bite, but you still have to train yourself to chew more carefully. Often, people with a distended stomach are used to swallowing food without really thinking about its taste, but simply mechanically stuffing the stomach.

From here follows another rule. To chew thoroughly, you need to focus on food. And for this you need to say goodbye to the bad habit of automatically filling up while watching a series or reading a novel.

Try – and very soon you will find that you have learned to eat much less food!

5. Strengthening the abdominal muscles

If the abdominal muscles are in good shape, then the chances of overeating automatically become much less. Elastic strong abdominal muscles – excellent support for internal organs, including the stomach.

In addition to the standard ab press, try the vacuum exercise. Standing with a straight back, you need to take a deep breath and then exhale as much as possible, as you exhale, drawing in your stomach to the maximum (imagine trying to touch your spine with it). With the stomach drawn in, you need to linger for 5-6 seconds. Repeat the cycle 5-10 times. This exercise should only be done on an empty stomach.

For maximum efficiency, it is worth using all of the listed methods to reduce the volume of the stomach at once.

Obviously, these are very simple and affordable methods that everyone can apply on themselves. There will definitely be no harm from them – exclusively beneficial for your health and figure.

Highlights – great desire, patience, diligence, willpower. Do not rush to think about radical methods like surgical closure of the stomach – better try the natural, uncomplicated, harmless and proven by thousands of people methods first.

To forget about problems with excess weight and stomach forever, such dietary rules should be made your daily norm. A slender healthy body will be a worthy reward for this!

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