Мандарины: польза или вред?

Mandarin – low-calorie product that can increase appetite, improve metabolic processes, and saturate the body with vitamins.

In addition, the peel and juice of tangerines are widely used in folk medicine as a remedy. However, despite all the benefit of tangerines, the use of this citrus fruit is not recommended for people suffering from certain diseases.

The editors of estet-portal.com found out what positive and negative properties a fruit from southern China has.

The benefits of tangerines: the positive qualities of the fruit

You have probably noticed that the smell of mandarin somehow positively affects people and even improves mood. This is due to the fact that they contain phytoncides – trace elements that cheer you up. 

Vitamin C and various organic acids contained in tangerines help keep a good mood after you eat it.

In addition, it also contains vitamins K and D, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and also allow calcium to be better absorbed in the body.

It is also worth noting that tangerines contain citric acid, which protects the fruit from the penetration of nitrates into it.

Often tangerine is called the champion in terms of the number of various vitamins among fruits. For many women, a pleasant addition to all the benefits of tangerines is their low calorie content and ability to burn fat.

Tangerines: how they are used in traditional medicine

Tangerines are often used as a medicinal product. And it's not strange. Unlike its citrus counterparts, it is a low-allergenic fruit, and mandarin juice is considered a dietary product, which can be given even to children, after diluting it 50:50 with water.

Also tangerine juice is used as an additional remedy in the treatment of pulmonary diseases. To do this, you need to drink a glass of such juice every morning on an empty stomach. It is worth noting that this juice also has anthelmintic properties.

But tangerine peel tincture is used to increase appetite in people weakened by illness. A decoction of the peel helps diabetics by lowering blood sugar.

In folk medicine, tangerines are also used for external treatment. So the fungus on the body is treated with the juice from the peel. To do this, juice from tangerine peel wipe the place where the fungus appears.

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Harm of tangerines: truth or myth

When using tangerines, the mucous membranes of the intestines, duodenum and stomach are irritated.

Therefore, doctors advise limiting the consumption of this fruit to people with such diseases:

  • cholecystitis;
  • kidney disease, colitis;
  • gastritis and hepatitis.

And for those who suffer from duodenal and stomach ulcers experts advise to stop using tangerines in principle, as this can aggravate the patient's condition.

Due to the fact that tangerines contain a large amount of sugar, in order to avoid the development of diabetes, their consumption must be controlled, and if such a disease is already present in a person, tangerines in your diet should be treated with extreme caution.

Also the harm of tangerines can affect if the body is prone to allergic reactions, because all citrus fruits (including tangerines) are strong allergens. Therefore, in order not to harm your body, eat this fruit in moderation.

In particular, it is necessary to ensure that the child does not consume tangerines in large quantities, since the child's body reacts heavily to various allergens and is more difficult to recover than the adult's body.

Remember, as a consequence of consumption of tangerines in excessive amounts, an acute hypervitaminosis disorder can occur, which is caused by the use of an overdose of vitamins.

The consequences of this passion for eating tangerines are:

  • diarrhea;
  • skin rash;
  • destruction of erythrocytes in the blood and the release of hemoglobin from them.

Of course, tangerine – a very healthy and tasty fruit. Precisely because this citrus fruit has excellent taste, people often forget that the use of tangerines in excessive quantities can cause various negative consequences.

Feasting on tangerines is very healthy, but don't forget to stop in time.

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