To be an attractive woman – means not only to know the pros and cons of your appearance, but also to be able to collect all your advantages and disadvantages into a single harmonious image that emphasizes your individuality. In the language of marketing, it is important to create your own brand. Let's dwell on the most important aspects that need to be taken into account when starting to create a "I-Brand".

1. Define your target audience

When creating our image, we, as a rule, if we think about the message that our image will carry to others, then we still concentrate more on ourselves. For example, when choosing a dress, a woman imagines how it will sit on her, whether it is too open or, on the contrary, strict. Whether this or that hairstyle suits her. How to speak, how to move, how to present yourself favorably. This sets the stage for the image to be comfortable for the woman to look and feel beautiful. But all this will not work if you forget about a very important condition: the people around you. About who is the target audience for your image. After all, the image – a social phenomenon, that is, it exists only under the condition of interaction between the two parties – image-bearer and perceiving party.

If it is important for you to impress a man – think about what kind of man you need. With whom you would feel comfortable, harmonious and would be able to realize yourself as a woman. Try to imagine what he likes, how he can see his chosen one. Imagine yourself as His Ideal Companion. Are you comfortable with this look?

When creating an image, you somehow, somewhere in your thoughts, keep the image of the person to whom your message is addressed. Address it to your potential chosen one consciously. After all, to create an image – it's more than just impressing. This is the ability to manage this impression.

2. Consider your reality

Start moving towards your goal from the point where you are now. "The Brand of the Name of Yourself – is an assessment of oneself, one's life and one's resources in general. We create it on the basis of the existing reality and evaluate the possibilities and ways to achieve the goal", – says Estet portal expert, love coach and writer Oksana Schmidt. Thus, "I-Brand" – it is a tool that allows you to bring together your existing reality ("have"), your potential ("can"), your goal ("want") and determine the actions ("should") you need to achieve this goal.

3. Give up perfection in favor of uniqueness

"I-Brand" should not just take into account the features of your appearance. It should be internally acceptable to you, pleasant to you and reflecting your essence. You will not be able to deceive yourself or people. An artificially perfect, "plastic" image will weigh you down and repel those around you.

Our expert emphasizes that the Brand of the Name of Yourself must first of all be syntonic with your inner essence:

It is very important to give up the desire to fit into an image alien to you, even if it seems ideal to you. Remember: You don't have to be perfect. After all, perfection – it's boring. In trend – uniqueness, individuality and uniqueness. Freckles, a too big mouth or a snub nose can be what will make you stand out from the thousands of women around you, make you noticeable and bright against their background.

Become a trend-setter! Enter the fashion for what makes you different from the surroundings.

To be an attractive woman – colossal work. But not only. This is – way to yourself. Drive, courage and fantastic pleasure. Feel it all while creating and promoting Your Name Brand. 


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