Хорошая силовая тренировка – потрясающие изменения тела снаружи и внутри

Exercises – one of the most powerful ways to influence the physical and mental health of a person. That is why every person should exercise daily. Unfortunately, strength training is not as popular as other types of exercises and programs, especially among women. We believe that this trend is due to the fact that not everyone realizes how powerful a tool for the body and mind this type of training is. Therefore, the editors of estet-portal.com decided to tell you how good strength training affects the body and the human body.

How good strength training will change your body

  1. She will make you stronger

One of the most obvious effects of good strength training is physical strength. In addition to the fact that you will no longer be horrified by the sight of a barbell in the gym, you will also realize how much easier life has become – for example, the need to call a taxi and a familiar "loader" to bring packages home on the day of purchase will disappear. Classes that used to end in shortness of breath and three-day krepatura will become no more difficult than washing dishes. Daily activities will become easier and easier as your body will change with a good strength training!

  1. Your muscle mass will increase

Let's face it – the first goal of a person who goes to the gym is to acquire ideal body shapes. Other types of training are also great at burning fat and have their own benefits, but only a good strength training will not only get rid of fat, but also replace it with muscle mass.

At the same time, unlike men, women often worry that strength training will turn them into "Schwarzenegger in a skirt." Of course, if desired, such an effect can be achieved. But if your goal is – get in shape, not become a famous female bodybuilder, you just need to tell the trainer about it. Since certain nutrition, intensive training according to a special program and a lot of effort are necessary to build muscle mass, muscles will not grow without your desire. In addition, the hormonal characteristics of most women do not allow them to turn into a jock. But to gain a moderate amount of mass and give your body beautiful shapes – good strength training can do it!

  1. You say goodbye to excess fat

After a good strength training session, the body continues to burn calories at an accelerated rate for up to 72 hours after exercise. Of course, you should not forget about proper nutrition, but the accelerated metabolism that strength training allows you to achieve is another powerful weapon in the fight against excess fat – both subcutaneous and internal.

  1. You will get great posture

The figure of many people is spoiled not only by cakes, but also by incorrect posture. And everyone is well aware of the dangers of poor posture for health. So, good strength training will correct your posture and look taller, slimmer and more attractive. And a great view boosts self-esteem!

  1. You will protect the skeletal system

The older a person is, the more he needs to take care of maintaining bone density at the required level. Bone strength is necessary to prevent various injuries, namely cracks and fractures of bones, the risk of which increases with age.

Bone density is believed to increase in response to compressive forces – this is what makes good strength training exercises so effective for maintaining healthy bones.

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How Good Strength Training Affects the Brain

It's been known for a long time that cardio can physically change the brain. they promote the growth of brain cells. Relatively recently, it has become known that good strength training can also change the structure of the brain for the better, but for this it is necessary to overcome the so-called "minimum exercise threshold." Strength training twice a week is great for brain function.

Estet-portal.com reminds: good strength training is not limited to working with weight and gaining a beautiful figure. She – an excellent source of energy, vitality and self-confidence, as well as a powerful tool that will help improve the body both outside and inside.

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