Mom's or grandmother's recommendations for face and body care, brought from the realities of the Soviet era, various folk remedies can be bewildering for many and perceived as "bayonets". But completely in vain. Because simple and inexpensive remedies that really work can surprise you with their effectiveness. If, nevertheless, somehow you wish to use folk beauty recipes, is ready to present them to your attention. We hasten to assure you that they should definitely not be neglected.

Simple face and body care products: let's take them to the "armament"

Blue Clay Facial Mask

It has an excellent cleansing and disinfecting effect, helps to get rid of acne, blocks inflammation, improves skin cell activity, smoothes wrinkles. The use of such a mask is possible on any part of the body.

There are a great many recipes for masks with this natural cosmetic and with the addition of other natural ingredients, such as lemon juice – for bleaching freckles, olive oil – for skin hydration etc. But first, we recommend trying the effect of a single-component mask on yourself, especially if you are allergic.

It is allowed to apply such a mask weekly 2–3 times.


Loofah washcloth

It is good to do light rubbing with a washcloth made of grassy liana. And, although there are loofah washcloths of varying degrees of hardness, a certain rigidity of the structure of this indispensable attribute of the shower will facilitate peeling at home.  In our opinion, it is most convenient to use special loofah mittens designed for peeling. And it is advisable not to use soap when carrying out such a procedure: loofah without any additives will perfectly cope with the exfoliation of dead cells. You just need to moisten the washcloth-mitten with water – and can be rubbed off. However, do not press too hard on the skin, as even massaging it 2–3 times, you will see that it turns red.


Castor oil

This natural remedy can be used to strengthen eyelashes, brows, and also promote hair growth. And a separate bonus is the ability of castor oil to smooth out the "cobweb"; wrinkles around the eyes.

The oil is applied with a cotton swab to the eyelashes, which are always cleaned of mascara. It is better to perform such a procedure in the evening, since for many this vegetable oil causes swelling of the eyes at night. However, in any case, try not to overdo it with its amount: you only need a little moisturizing. If the oil still collects in droplets, blot your eyelashes with a tissue.


Suspension "Tsindol"

This remedy contains zinc oxide. To some extent, it is even unique and approved for use even for newborns. This is an excellent antiseptic, the agent is able to soften the foci of irritation on the skin, it dries up wounds, has an astringent effect.

With the help of this drug, you can get rid of hated acne, it cures rashes on the skin of various origins, it is used for cuts, burns and even herpes.

This liquid, popularly referred to as «talker» and reminiscent of milk, shaken immediately before use, and then applied pointwise with a cotton swab to problem areas of the skin for several hours. Therefore, it is advisable to perform this procedure at night.


All of the listed face and body care products are wonderful in their own way and have proven themselves well for a long time. They are also good because they are not addictive.

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