Крепатура после тренировки: как побороть неприятную боль

When we go to the gym for a beautiful figure or for a healthy body and spirit, we underestimate the side effects of training. Among the most common consequences – muscle pain, which is familiar to both experienced athletes and beginners in the field of sports.

Krepatura after a workout is a common occurrence, but how do some people manage to minimize the appearance of pain. estet-portal.com will tell you about common theories of the appearance of krepatura and how to prevent and overcome it. Knowing all the pitfalls, you can save your muscles from discomfort or minimize it.

Krepatura after training: theories of pain

Krepatura is a pain syndrome that occurs several hours after the training process.
There are several theories for the appearance of muscle pain:

• accumulation of lactic acid in the tissues of the muscles, which, when removed from the body, causes discomfort;

• pain with a delay, when the krepatura made itself felt after 2-4 days, it is due to the fact that during exercise your muscles received microtraumas;

• overtraining, when you overdid it and, along with krepatura, feel a slight malaise caused by the formation of nitrogen imbalance and loss of proteins;

• exacerbation of the sensitivity of nerve endings resulting from heavy muscle loads.<

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Krepatura after training: overcoming the problem with a warm-up

Experienced athletes know that without warming up the muscles, you should not start exercising. If you train without the participation of a trainer, then be sure to start with a warm-up and stretching. Hand swings, bends, etc. depending on the nature of the further training.

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Warm-up allows you to disperse lactic acid in the muscles, prevent its accumulation, and hence krepatura.
The training process should consist of several stages:
• warm-up;
• the main part of the workout;
• a hitch when the pace of the session slows down;
• stretching.

Remember that stretching should be done carefully,

Important aspects to help fight against krepatura

To minimize post-workout muscle soreness, here are a few things to remember:My default image

• drinking regime should be sufficient – 2-2.5 liters, feeling thirsty, do not restrain yourself, as a liquid – ordinary water or mineral water without gas;

• exercise with partial amplitude to relieve pain, moderate exercise will prevent discomfort;

• do it daily, if training in the gym every other day, then stretch at home for 10-15 minutes.
When you have no strength and desire to endure pain, you can use pharmacy products in the form of gels and ointments to relieve inflammation from the muscles. Just be sure to get your doctor's approval so you don't hurt yourself.

Water procedures in the fight against dorepatura
Familiar water procedures will help everyone overcome the pain from krepatura:

• a hot bath with the addition of sea salt after class will relieve pain and relax the muscles, and the high temperature helps to remove lactic acid;

• a bath or sauna has a more pronounced effect than a bath, but you should only visit the steam room the next day after training. To avoid increased stress on the heart and blood vessels, and to prevent unpleasant consequences;My default image• a contrast shower is the most affordable and safest option for overcoming dorepatura, in addition, the procedure will give a charge of vivacity.


How can massage help and is it worth skipping a lesson because of a sore throat

Massage will help to quickly remove lactic acid from the muscles, which helps to increase blood circulation. During the massage session, the muscles are relaxed and brought into tone. The procedure also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, you will notice how the skin acquires elasticity and firmness. Vegetable oils with pleasant aromas increase the effectiveness of the massage.

If after class you feel pain in the muscles, but tomorrow you need to train again, go to the gym without hesitation. Overpower yourself and you will give your body a strong and slender appearance and quickly get rid of discomfort.

(H2) Pay attention to diet and leave room for rest

All the ongoing processes depend on nutrition in our body, and muscle pain is no exception. After a workout, energy is running out, but you can replenish it with foods containing proteins and carbohydrates. Trace elements are responsible for the structure of muscle tissues, their recovery and healing. Do not forget about vitamins, among which special preference is – C, A, E. Make the right menu and you will feel full of strength and health. My default image
The main pattern after any workout – healthy sleep. It implies a rest for 8 hours at night and, if possible, 30 minutes during the day. Then the body will have time to recover and overcome muscle discomfort faster.

Breathing after a workout is not dangerous, especially if you make every effort to overcome it. Exercise in moderation along with proper nutrition and rest will help prevent discomfort. YouTube:

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